How to make sustainable for a very long time

Hi Manny, I like so many others love this site and would do what I can to support it. I would also like to purchase items and would rather do it here then anywhere else if its will help maintain the site, but I live in the UK so the shipping etc would push the costs up - not saying I won’t its just a consideration and cost factor. I’m not puming yet but hope too, and can see a market for clothing with an external (outside) pocket to hold a pump, PJ’s too, shorts, etc I know there is a belt clip option but not for shorts (hmmm ok maybe…) but PJ’s and lounge wear, I dont want to wear a belt if I’m running around the house in my undies, knida thing. I will help if I can let me know. Steve

I think this is a great idea.
You can buy the strips after you have the confirm order from the members. In this way the risk is minimun.
I don’t know the name in english but in spanish is “una compra en lote”.
Maybe if the inicial request is not big enough for a purchase in Alibaba you can find a discounted price in a regular supplier.
The benefit for the members will be a confident supplier.


How about a trading deal…Maybe services…maybe supplies. For instance over the years I have recieved, FREE, BG meters of all types. I must have 10 units. These could be placed on the site for a nominal fee by the person that wants to find a “buyer”. Also meds…I have a bunch, sure some are out of date, but I know they still work.

Just an idea…


I like the idea of a donate link. Is a very simple and fast option as a first step to collect some support money.
As I don’t live in US I don’t know if as a incentive you can say that the donations are tax deductible for the US members.
I know something about Social Networks and IMHO the idea of sell suscriptions is a little out of the question for the philosophy of it self. Also I don’t know if Ning have this kind of feature.
If Ning have it I already suggest to start with the Donate button first.

I remember the word, bulk purchase. :slight_smile:
Sorry, English is not my mother language.

I’ve been a member for a while and I haven’t gotten any diabetes related spam. Maybe you should be looking at another site or company as the culprit.

Also think about creating diabetic henna tattoos to sell for people to try out before they go get a diabetic tattoo done.

I definitely like the idea of shirts and things like that advertising the site. Also, diabetic supplies would be nice. Can you add ads to this site, like adsense ads?
How about posting some of the members ads to their sites or stores, for a fee? Another site I know of has started that and seems to be doing pretty good.
Can you tell us what kind of things the revenues will be used for?

I am a fan of Cafe Press items. Maybe someone could design a shirt or item with the tudiabetes logo and some catchy phrase on it so we are self advertising and creating awareness in addition to making money on the merchandise.

As a nurse, i feel obligated to say that although this is a good idea at least the medicine resale is totally illegal and sets the seller up for huge legal retribution. Just a thought.

That’s an excellent idea! I bet you could find a sponsor for tu diabetes! It’s really a great site and well put together :slight_smile:


It’s probably your cookies and a site you visit regularly is reading your history. They see you belong to a diabetic group and WALAH- diabetic related spam. Go to any site- like a health site, give it a little time and you’ll start receiving whatever health topic you were interested in, spam :frowning:

I like all the ideas except the sponsorships from from drug companies. Too many people remain uneducated about what is good or bad for them and I’m afraid that any of those will look like direct endorsements by Tudiabetes. I’m not as opposed to meter ads as they encourage individuals to test and take responsibility for their disease but if the meter ads come with the drugs – forget it. Also, the idea of online focus groups with fees from the drug companies is fine as long as advertising is NOT a part of that.

Good point, Jenny! As a matter of fact, we’ve thought of having our own stock of items, purchased directly from a vendor (a good friend of mine put me in touch with someone who would do the shirts at a very low price for us), instead of going through CafePress, etc. (we’ll see how sustainable/scalable that is, of course). It would allow us to offer the shirts at a lower price while also reducing the mismatch you mention.

Thanks for being specific about this, Dan! This is very useful.

So meter companies: OK.
Drug companies: not OK, except if it is as part of an online focus group where no advertising is involved.

How about pump companies? What if we could work out a VERY GOOD discount for TuDiabetes members with a diabetes-supplies vendor? Any vendors that would be no-no’s? Any vendors that you guys would like to see?

Here are my thoughts (coming from a sole proprietorship diabetes bussiness owner as well as founder and CEO of a diabetes nonprofit). Forming an NP is very expensive, takes at least a year (if you are lucky) so get started now if this is the direction you want to go. Why I recommend against it is that the fed and state gov will then decide how you run your business. You can lose NP status for many reasons including taking a salary that the IRS considers too high a ratio). You are required to incorporate and form a governing board of directors (you would no longer be your own boss) if you choose a membership NP your members also decide your fate. Simply having an open forum would probably not qualify tuD as a nonprofit so you would have to come up with a charitable service or file as an educational institution (hard to get).

tuD seems global. However, you are in the US so think US market, at least for now. Start small then decide if you want to go international sales. Then I would suggest Canada first.

In order to dispense prescription only items you need to be licensed to do so – in every state you send them too. Gets ugly really fast (this is why IPump sends Rx items ONLY to doctors to give to the patient on our behalf). However, test strips are not a prescription item. To sell them you would only need to be licensed as a wholesaler and have liability insurance. It is unlikely you’d convince any company to dig too deep to give you a discount you can pass along to others (we’ve tried) but just about all the major companies will give you free meters to give away (through a site link) hoping to get people to use them and buy the test strips.

I know you Manny (at least I think I do). You did not start tuDiabetes to take advantage of others. I would imagine if you were able to swing some deal you would simply pass that along to your members and not try to gain financially. We need to brainstorm to find a way for tuD to give you a salary so this amazing place can continue to grow – because frankly, just having this forum community is a wonderful service all by itself.

Be sure to include Hock’s Diabetes in your list of diabetes suppliers. They are by far the most generous in commissions and have the lowest prices and have 3-month cookies as well as many other things.

People come here for two reasons: to fellowship and to glean info from others. I love the idea of letting companies promote their new diabetes products.

We are all rooting for you Manny!

I think pumps are fine. Any product or service that promotes a diabetic taking care of themselves is great so I say lets “green light” those. I’m not as informed about vendors yet being a fairly new diabetic.

Oh no it’s not those messages… they actually say they came from this site which I’m totally fine with. I get emails with subjects like ‘special offer for diabetics’ and ‘do you have diabetes’ etc. I never got them before I joined here so my senses are raised about it. I did find an unsubscribe link in one so I hope that takes care of it! I thought one was funny! They were an american email spammer and I was like WOAH that meter looks SO COOL! And then I saw the number on it was 5.8. You don’t use that system in the USA. ROFL!

oh thaty sounds REALLY likely… stupid I didn’t think about it! I often get spam ‘sent by’ names I email regularly and thought hey what a coincidence! My husband recently did a scan of his computer and found lots of spyware. I guess I need to run it too.

Sad that the internet has become like this :frowning:

Sell advertising to pay expenses. State that web site does not endorse products or suppliers. If we can provide alternatives based on price or effectiveness then we should be able to do so without a conflict of interest. If we sell supplies (other than t-shirts) then there is a tacit endorsement of the product. Then we become marketeers instead of information providers.

Just my opinion.