How to order "No-Sugar Added Poetry" offline

Some of you have asked about this, so we thought we’d write the details on how to place your order for the “No-Sugar Added Poetry” book offline.

If you live in the US, you can order the book by sending a check to Diabetes Hands Foundation for $15 (book) + $3 for shipping (and include $1.46 sales tax if you live in California), i.e.

  • Total = $19.46 (if you live in California)
  • Total = $18 (if you don't live in California)

to this address:
Diabetes Hands Foundation
P.O. Box 9421
Berkeley, CA 94709

If you want more than one copy, simply add $15 to your total (and if you live in California, add $1.46 more to cover sales taxes).

Please make sure to include a legible note with the address you would like us to mail the book to and thanks a lot for wanting to get your copy.

If you want to place an international order offline, the shipping cost is $13.45 for a single copy of he book.

If you want to place an order online, you can do so at: