How to raise your blood sugar even if you don't want to!

What is that you might ask? Well, today it is called Good Friday but yesterday
it is called by us Bad Thursday.
We went in the car to a store in the neighborhood. At one point we stopped and had to wait to make a left turn. Suddenly there was a tremendous bang and both of us shot to the front in spite of having our seatbelts on followed by a great pain in the neck. I also experienced my hart acting up painfully.

A 17-year old girl just having been issued a driver license simply didn’t stop and plowed in to us from the rear. (Yeah, of course.) We went to the hospital to get checked out in an ambulance and after some hours went home. my sugar went up to 15 moll and I had hard time to get it down again!
Would you believe that all my life I have never been in an accident but this sure got us with the back of the car very much demolished but her car totally flattened in the front part.

We kept shaking for a long time after! Will see a doctor again tomorrow and hope all is OK. Now you know how to go about raising your blood glucose… But we don’t recommend it at all!

Yours tryly, JB.

Glad you’re ok Johnben. Nasty experience for sure.

I hope that your neck is feeling better today Johnben. No, I don’t believe that you have never been in an accident before - you have been pretty lucky! I used to think my one car had an invisible “hit me” sign on the back of it. I was hit about 5 times just sitting at traffic lights minding my own business.

Oh, I hope both of you are OK ??!!
I am having concerns with those, just issued a drivers licence …my story way back cycling from work to home( mid nineties , lower mainland towards Vancouver ) …the young lady opened her car door , parked on a busy street ,without checking and voila, I am hitting the ground, after hitting her car door …she blasted me because I was in her way…" should have been in the middle of the road " ; I decided to get the cops involved by going into a BCAA office ( no one saw it happening ) ; the cop told me off too ; the following morning I was in his Boss’s office , who promised to talk to his staff member . Thank goodness , I wore a helmet . It took me along time to get home from work that evening .

Thank God that you were well enough to get out of hospital! I hope that you will soon calm down and count your blessings.

You know that it was not your fault, so your accident record is unblemished, you are all okay (apart from whiplash and a higher blood sugar level. Cars can be repaired. Humans cannot always.

Just think, that girl is probably going to have much higher insurance premiums for the rest of her life, and she is probably in shock too.

If it is any consolation, my blood sugar levels go up every time I go in the car with my mother! How she has not had more accidents than going over the curb, hitting one other car in an empty car park (partly my fault, we were laughing so hard!) she has never had much of a serious accident, though the thought does cross my mind. Her concentration levels are abysmal!

I wish you a speedy recovery!

Thanks for your interest.

Johanna and John. (JB)