How to remove IV3000

I can remove, Skin Tac, I can remove my set, I can remove most everything but HOW do you remove IV3000.... Soaking it in unisolve still is a painful experience pulling it off, esp for a guy....Any suggestions on what you use to remove the iv3000..

You can try acetone based nail polish remover on a cotton ball?. Also Detachol prep?

I use IV3000 all the time to cover my infusion site and it comes of without any problem whatsoever. It peels right off and much easier than any other adhesive strip I’ve used so far.

Havent tried Detachol… Might try Acetone. iv used acetone before but not for iv3000… Got used to using the unisolve cuz it works great for pulling a set I dont accidently pull myself…

I actually use it under the site, not over it as a barrier… for some reason its like trying to pull saran wrap off a roll but it hurts like hell pulling against my skin and other things on it

I just rip it off it hurts, so i do it quickly. I use it over my site with a cut out for the infusion set itself

I have stretched it instead of pealing it and the stretch seem to loosen the adhesion and then it come off easily.

Not to sound like a fool, but how do you do this, pull up a side and stretch or just sort of press on it with your fingers and sorta stretch it like taffty…

This sounds like it has potential

I have heard of this too - pull up a little at each end and stretch like saran wrap/taffy.

I use the IV3000 to cover my CGM sensor after a few days.

I also have no problem taking it off. Maybe it has to do with something in our skin and some people have it differently? I can’t recommend anything special. You might want to ask Danny and Scott: I believe they also use the IV3000.

Hi, John…I’m here in Peabody right near you. I’m a new pump user myself and have been having the same problem getting the adhesives off my furry body. I am tempted to do as JohnG suggests and shave areas that I use for the insertion sites and sensor. If you find anything new that works, will you please let me know? Many thanks. ----Anthony

Did that before sticking the iv3000… the taffy pull thing seems to work. you peel up a little of the two outer edges then pull on it for the film to want to stretch… for some reason it wants to come up easier and less painfully after its stretched out some