How to treat a low?

How to treat a low?

So I am writing this at 2 AM on Friday morning since I am awake due to a low. Of course I went to bed high and I corrected, which made me low, and so here I sit. I want to go to pantry and rage eat. I mean I can and would right now consume 5,000 calories if I could and not gain weight or feel ill in the morning. Of course if I consumed what I want I would need to get in the car (not a good idea) and find a pancake place to let it rip. Instead I am having my two favorite foods, a tablespoon of peanut butter and half of a honey crisp apple.

I have no idea if the reader has ever had a combination like this but when it comes to 5,000 calories this combination might get me to 2,000 calories if I ate what I want right now. I love these honey crisp apples. They are a very sweet firm apple that just tastes wonderful. Toss in some Peter Pan peanut butter (yes Peter Pan is preferred) and wow talk about a nice way to chase a low away.

Of course I use other ways now, apple juice is my usual go to low treatment. Recently I have started to use skittles, but neither are my preferred treatments. I have grown to dislike apple juice, the very taste of it reminds me of cough medicine, and I do not yet fully trust skittles. Well to be honest I don’t trust myself around skittles. Did I mention the 5,000 calories?

In my younger days I would consume a jar of peanut butter to treat a low. Yes I admit it was not a very effective treatment, but you might imagine me with my head inside the jar licking the sides to get every last pinch of peanut butter out. It was such that when I got started, it was difficult to stop, so long as it was Peter Pan peanut butter. You might notice a theme

There have been other ways to correct for a low. When first was diagnosed I would pop open a package of M&M’s, Oreo cookies (usually dipped in peter pan peanut butter) was a great treat.

I also used to love cereal. Snarfing down a quick bowl of cereal really hit the spot. I liked Crispx or Corn Flakes, both were satisfactory treatments. However, both would shoot my blood sugar to the high 400’s the next morning. Did I mention the 5,000 calories?

After my weight ballooned to a size that was completely unacceptable, I decided to change my ways. I am now using small glasses of apple juice or half an apple or in some cases some skittles. I am using the post Halloween fun size.

Cutting back has worked wonders. As I use less insulin and of course consume many less calories. I still however wish to consume the 5,000 calorie mother lode. I think it was Barbara who used to say never waste a good low. Well I never wasted one and as such I found a tough lesson. But now as I sit with my apple and one tablespoon of peter pan I cannot help but wonder if the stock price of Peter Pan (Con Agra) has gone down since I changed my ways? Is the peanut butter maker in dire times since they no longer need ship 15 cases a month to my neighborhood to cover my lows? I trust not.

Surely another young diabetic is indulging his passion in my place. But in case it has, and they are listening. I want them to know one thing. Thanks for the memories, and pass the glucose tabs I am getting over this without breaking the bank. I also suggest they invest in watermelon glucose tabs. I hear the stock price might be on the way up.



Suddenly I have this need to get peanut butter out of the pantry. Thanks Rick.


Ahh,, maybe my stock in Peter Pan will be worth something after all. LOL

Rick there is a bit of that in all of us and more often than not I end up using the low as a treat time. Mainly caused by running to fast or to far. The upside is I don't put on the weight.

Rick, can I have some of those pancakes, please
Low or not low

I can totally relate to wanting to eat everything in sight when I get low. I keep juice boxes in the fridge that are 15 grams of carbs so I know how much sugar im getting but...there are times when I feel I need more to stop the shaking and then yes the sugar goes to the 300s.

How I treat a low: one small scoop of vanilla ice cream in a Dan Active (yogurt drink), which is about 20 carbs. To me it tastes like a mini-milkshake. If I'm really low, I have some glucose tabs first; if I'm not very low, I leave out the ice cream.

"Never waste a good low" - sure sounds like something Pup would have said.
However, when I'm low I'm in such a fog that I really don't enjoy anything I'm eating.
When I was first diagnosed, they always said, "eat a candy bar". Pffffft. Chocolate takes a long time to bring me up, probably because of the fat.
Anything with high fructose corn syrup does it for me - jellybeans, twirlers, gummy bears.

Wow, I'm learning some good recipe tips for treating a low, however I'm a little bit nervous about what it will feel like as i haven't had to treat a low yet(newly diagnosed, about 1 week old)

I strictly use glucose tabs to treat my lows now. Very precise control over how much of a rise I get with no worry about over treating and going too high later. I have heard about watermelon flavored glucose tabs but haven't found any in my area.

I almost titled my blog, How to treat a low? Not Adele I do not want to scare you. Lows are very manageable, and if you use control they are easily managed. I imagine you have been told what to look for and as such it is routine and easy part of insulin based therapy. Here are the things I would do:

Get some prepackaged apple or orange juice. i like the little juice cartons

Get glucose tabs, As I say I love watermelon, but grape is the most common

Always have a glucagon injection around and tell people to use it if needed. They will be afraid to use it but they need to get over it.

Relax, you got this, you cna do this.

You may have have sweating, shaking, extreme hunger, headaches or all of these plus. Check your blood sugar. Keep the strips near.

I do not have to wish you good luck, because you are well past luck. I will wish the very best however.


Not that I am endorsing but this is cool place to specialty glucose tabs:

Amazon carries Watermelon Glucose tabs.


Tamra - I remember reading in something written by Ginger Viera that if at all possible, always use the same thing to treat a hypo, like you are doing. I think it really makes sense.

However if you are use a case of Peter Pan I do suggest change. I am just saying :slight_smile:

Rick!! Thank awesome blog. I ODd on peanut butter as a child, and sometimes the mere scent of it makes me nauseous!
I keep left over Hallow e'en/Christmas candies for lows. Remember those Christmas ribbon candies? are awesome, but they're not the best choice in a summer heat wave! Gluco tabs break down quickly, so that's great. There's also a candy that tastes exactly like Orange Crush, which was my favourite pop when I was little, though very seldom was allowed it.
I keep a varied stash by my night the my work.
Never leave home without it!!

Love this blog. Although I am still learning, the first few times I went low, stuffed all kinds of "goodies" in my's so scary when you are new at this. Juice is now my first line of defense, unless I'm out somewhere, then lifesavers to start, and usually have something in my purse with more substance...ClifBar, almonds, occasionally even carry an apple...i like the granny smiths.