How to Turn Off BG Reminder Once Set (On Minimed Revel pump)

Is there any way to disable the BG reminder once you have set it?

I usually set a BG reminder for 2 hours after bolusing. This is one feature I LOVE on my pump, because it keeps me on top of things.

However, sometimes I set it and then decide I don't want the reminder to go off in 2 hours, usually because I realize I will be in a meeting when it goes off and won't be able to discretely get to my pump to turn it off (I frequently keep my pump stashed down my bra, and that would just look weird).

So, once it's set, can you disable it??

Go to Bolus....bolus setup....BG Reminder....option to on/off

Hope this helps! Have a good day!

Thanks, but this will permanently disable the BG reminder function, right? I am just interested in turning off a specific reminder that I have set. Granted, this sounds like a decent work-around that I didn't think of. Thanks!

Yes, it will disable it until you turn it back on again. There is also a "Missed Bolus Reminder" that lets you set times. Maybe, that's the reminder button you're asking about??? If so, you can delete or make changes in the times. Just go to Bolus, Bolus Setup, Missed Bolus Reminder,On/Set,and you can delete or change the times you have set.

i just keep my pump on vibrate mode all the time as i cant hear the beep anyway.

Putting it on vibrate would work but, you still have to turn off the alarm once the alert goes off. She said that she's wearing it in her bra and she wouldn't be able to be discrete about it.