How To Use Design Studio

Does anyone know how to add a photo to my page? When I try to do it by clicking on the camera icon, it opens a tiny window headed "update a new image", but the window doesn't do anything. I can't type in it, or browse, or anything. It appears to be just a dead placeholder with no discernible function or input capability.

Anybody know how this is supposed to work?

David- I just added a picture to my page. I clicked on the camera icon, it took me to my pictures in my computer. I then chose the pic I wanted to add to my page. Click open on the page in" my pictures." It takes you back to the page you were on to add a pic. Then you can title the picture and scroll down to SAVE and click that and the pic should appear on your profile page. I hope you understand what I have written.

When I click on the various camera icons I get a choose file dialog like catlover. So the problem would seem to be on your end. You might try a different browser, I'm using FireFox 14.01

I am using Firefix 14.01 also. Doesn't work. I'll try IE.

Very interesting. It work in IE but not in Firefox. In Firefox, that little box that says "Choose File" is blank, and clicking on it does nothing.

Well, well. You learn something every day.

The problem was a bad browser extension. Turned them all off and the problem vanished. Turned them back on one by one until the bad one identified itself.

Thanks to everyone who chimed in with advice!