How to visualize your Dexcom, Other FSBG data?

I am working on a mobile wellness platform for my medical practice, and I think there are certain features that might be of use to those with t1 diabetes, for dexcom data for example, we have a health " dashboard" feature in which the customer can set up which data from his connected health devices according to need, diabetes, hypertension, weight loss, etc. so you might imagine your average blood sugar on the dex to be one of the components on the dashboard,

my question is.... we have all the functionality of dexcom software and their nice dashboard feature...

what is it about the dex data that is most meaningful to you to glance at on a daily basis? ( aside from what is on the dex controller)

is it the CURRENT average over the past 7 days, the past day, the past month...

I am working with our developers and we just need to decide what our functionality would be?

perhaps the user could select from the above three?

all feedback and thoughts greatly appreciated!!