How well do you like your group leader?

I just rejoined WW after many years. The group leader that I had in my first go-round was fantastic. She was outgoing, caring and really knew how to keep the “class” involved with the weekly topic, all while motivating us to stay on plan. Well, to be nice, the class I started with at the beginning of July was not the one for me. It felt like torture sitting through the measley 30 to 45 minutes for the weekly discussion. Something like that can really derail your progress. I was talking with my older sister who is also a WW member and she told me that sometimes you have to shop around for the right class. I have to say that I wasn’t looking forward to changing classes and/or locations to find the right one. But I gave it a try. After one attempt I may have found the right one for me. The leader in this group is interested in each person’s progress and has an engaging and stimulating approach to conducting the sessions. I felt invigorated and motivated to not only stay on plan, but to return next week for the next session. As an added bonus, the location is close to work and home.

Has anyone else had a similar issue? Do you stay for your meetings or do you leave after weigh-in?

Yes, I’ve had a similar issue. I started going to a meeting with a fabulous leader - engaging, charming, supportive. But any time there was this one substitute leader, the classes were dry and completely useless. I started checking who the leader was before deciding whether I’d stay for the meeting or not. I think the right speaker can make all the difference.

Well first I really dislike the meetings, but the wife makes me go. However I love the leader, she is kind happy and outgoing. We had some refugees come in from another meeting this week and the leader said you should shop around. So shopping seems like the right thing to me.

rick phillips

I’ve had similar issues. I started with WW 10 years ago. The leader “seemed” to be very caring, and was a great speaker. She managed to include a lot of personal experiences and that made my “goal” seem so attainable. Well, when I got to my 10% mark (which was close to my total goal) she completely ignored it. She didn’t do the big congratulatory celebration that she had done weekly with all of the other class members. You know, they give out stars and have you stand up. Well, at least that’s what she’d done for everyone else. When she ignored (forgot?) me I was deeply saddened and I stopped going. I did eventually make lifetime on my own, but now I do the online WW because I’ve never found a motivational WW speaker in my area. Good luck! It’s a great program and we’re here to route you on!!!

I’m now down 10.4 pounds and I pat myself on my back : )

And you should give yourself a job well done. I know I couldn’t do it without the meetings. Only once did I lose weight without the meetings, but I couldn’t keep it off. Now it’s back to meetings…