How you can wear it?

so I was wearing it on the back of my arm the other day and my sugar were in the 200’s so I took the pod of and replaced it and used my stomach. But I had a question on wearing it on the arm. Does the window of the pod have to face down? because when I was wearing it, it was faced up and im just wondering if that had anything to do with it?

Hi Kenny. When wearing your pod on your arm or your leg the window needs to be in the up position. Wearing it on your belly, lower back or buttocks the window needs to be on the side (horizontal). This is according to the information distributed with your pump when you were trained on it. Were your numbers high after changing the pod? If so you need to bolus just prior to changing or just after - at least one unit to cover the lapse in delivery + the fact that where the pod disseminates insulin much slower than other pump systems you may need this bolus as your carry over until the new pod has fully pushed your initial dose into your skin.

The pod will work in any direction, even upside down (think about when you sleep). Insulet recommends the pod window pointing up or down on your arms and legs and left or right on your abdomen. This is more for comfort than operation. If you put the pod sideways on your arm it most likely will not stay flush (won’t wrap around) unless you have very large arms. On your abdomen, if the pod was pointing up, it may be uncomfortable when you sit since your skin folds.

mmm Then idk why my pod wouldnt work. Do any of you have trouble with the pod on the arm?

I only used my arm three times. It worked well for me (BS wise), but I like using my stomach better. I kept bumping the pod on my arm and felt I would knock it off.

Back of the arm is my favorite site by far. I actually have problems with high BG the first few hours after placing a new pod on my inner thigh (haven’t tried the bolus right before/after changing trick yet).
I have worn it with the cannula and window facing up or down, it does not seem to matter and my trainer never mentioned anything about that (he only said what Jim said above about doing it vertical or horizontal depending on the location).
When you had high BG, how long did you leave the pod on for? I don’t think we can be certain that high BG was due only to the location with only one episode as evidence; I’d try again a few times and see if you notice a pattern before ruling out the arm location.

I put it on like at 6 am and ate breakfest at 7 and than around 10 it was still low 200’s. Im tired of using my stomach. I need to use different spots, I dont like the back, because I had a bad experience lol. but I would love to use my arms. I dont get how the arms work though like, lets say if you have alot of muscle and you flex your arm, how does the cannula react to that? does it stay in as good? ahh! I sound like a noobie. but yeah any advice will help! thanks guys :smiley:

I put it on my arms, and I have no fat on them either, but I don’t flex with it on, mainly because I don’t think it would be a good idea. I have the cannula facing down when it is on, and I can bend my arm just fine, without pain or anything.

it did not work on my arm high numbers also

The window can be up or down. I have worn it both ways with no problems.