How's the weather where you are?


Never gotten around to asking, for some reason. What part of AK are you in?


Kenia peninsula… “the end of the road” the very “end” of the North American road system terminates about another 6 miles up the road from my place at a Russian Orthodox village. Although I suppose “the end” is all a matter of perspective… someone smarter than me declared it ends here.

If you watch Alaska then last frontier… that show is based on some of my closest neighbors


Bunch of Idaho diabetics on here! :slight_smile: We have some snow on the mountains up North, but none at ground level yet… supposedly getting some after the weekend, finally.


Where is that? It looks VERY familiar. (I’m from Portland).


Polk County


Just looked it up on the map. I sort of imagined that being in Alaska you would be in the Arctic Circle, but actually you are only 4 degrees further North than where I live. I am sure it’s a whole lot colder though…


It’s really not that cold where I’m at, right on the water… but the temperature drops fast as you head inland


Sure. The ocean is a terrific climate flywheel. One reason I’ve always lived on or near a coast.


My wife and I watch that show. Do you know the Kilchers?


Yes I know them all… not real well but I see them on a regular basis and say hello and are neighborly


They seem like nice people. Thanks for sharing.

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Cloudy, windy and cool. About 10ºC.


40s with freezing temps in the forecast, but they’re not here just yet.


Milder this week> Cloudy with highs around 6C (42F) and lows around 4C (39F).


David_dns, looks like our predicted snow day next week has now been unpredicted. Boo!:frowning:


We have a wee bit of snow in town, more in the high country. The juncos have arrived so it truly must be winter.


We’ve had a bit of snow in the air (I’m a couple hours south of you, I think). There is some snow (about 10" or so over a few days) predicted for us next week. Then again, every time they’ve predicted that of late (like last 3-4 years) it doesn’t turn out to be the case… we’re desperately missing snow in the Interior Northwest.


Still quite cold here (lows around -2C, highs around 3-4C) but fine. Supposed to get warmer, wetter, and much windier at the end of the week.

Sunrise around 8.30 am


05 DEC 2016
Snow falling pretty steadily, but it’s too warm for it to stick.


Rain for two days now. Over 5 inches yesterday, haven’t checked the rain gauge today yet. Been under a tornado watch since 1:00. Supposed to go off at 8:00. So far, just lots of lightning and thunder.