How's the weather where you are?


Here in Memphis it was clear and 41 F / 5 C. Someone said a front was coming through and it was going to get cold. I thought it was already cold…

(It hardly ever snows here)



Just got a phone call from the high school. It is closed today.

SNOW DAY!!!:snowflake:️:cloud_with_snow::snowman_with_snow:

When it snows enough to close the district schools (which ain’t a whole heck of a lot in the Salem-Keizer School District) my patients stay home. So it’s a snow day for me, too! I will stay in bed and catch up on charting.


picture please!! 35 and overcast here.


There’s a bit of snow sticking now, perhaps ¼" or so. But it’s cold enough now for it to remain. The pond in the backyard is frozen over.


If this continues long enough, I’ll have to take another picture to contrast with the one above. Right now there’s not enough coverage to make it worthwhile, but it’s still coming down.


Toledo, Ohiio, area: snow sprinkles, 25.2 F, birds under the feeders. Happy Winter!


No additional snow here. I so wish we would get more snow. The snow dampens many harsh sounds and makes many folks slow down and become more aware of their surroundings and those around them. A beautiful phenomenon to behold…


Glasgow - today’s high 14C (58F), tonight’s low 9C (48F). Cloudy with light rain easing off this evening.


Another dusting of snow overnight (couple of inches). I’m really disappointed: our big storm warning with 16-30 inches got downgraded to 6 inches over four days :frowning: Was really hoping to ski to work next week. It is still pretty cold here and not getting warmer, though. Supposed to be down in the single digits (F) over the next ten days or so starting Sunday.


We may just have enough snow in the backyard to put the x-c skis on and do a bit of a warm up.


No more snow, but what we had has turned to a half inch sheet of ice. Getting home last night was a true adventure.


this weekend its like 70F here in sevilla, or even more. walking around in a t-shirt. i love andalucia!



id never heard this before! thanks!


This hot in Sevilla?


Pink Martini is a band headquartered in Portland, Oregon. A very good one, obviously. Depending on how curious you are, you can read about them on Wikipedia, or google them.


this is what im waiting for! the feria!


There’s something wrong with the sky—parts of it are BLUE. Not sure what this signifies.


UPDATE: Today (12/11) we have a Winter Wonderland. We’re probably going to be homebound for a day to two. We have a big gathering under our bird feeders, and the dogs act like it’s hibernation time.


Finally getting some snow! Not nearly as much as I was hoping for (our “storm” was downgraded from a 16-32 incher to a measly 6 incher, but… it’s snow). But we have snow :slight_smile: