How's the weather where you are?


Too warm, Marie, it will be 37C here today, Hot, Hot, Hot :sunny:


A vacation in the Southern Hemisphere would really hit the spot right about now!


This morning driving in…

-1.5C fog (visibility about 200 metres).

Forecast for later…

Winds up to 50 mph, heavy rain turning to snow at higher and possibly lower levels…


I used to hang on to my cars until they were “knackered” too but my son (who is a bit of a petrol-head) has persuaded me that it makes more economic sense to put only a limited mileage on them and trade them regularly.


Storm Barbara due to arrive Friday.

Forecast winds of 80-90 mph and heavy rain in Northern and Western Scotland.

Merry Xmas


We don’t name our weather here where I live… but we’re used to it. Good luck and stay safe.


The named storm is a recent idea over here. Copied from the USA and its hurricanes. We are pretty used to high winds. The main problem is that our house is in a rural area and trees have a tendency to get blown onto the power lines. One or two outages a year is pretty much standard - if we are unlucky they can last for > 24 h.

I am going to make sure the petrol cans are all filled in case we need to run the generator. Also, gas hob but electric oven so we could be looking at barbecued Turkey.


What’s a “hob”? I just love Britishisms/Scottishisms!


The naming weather thing is mostly an east coast / Atlantic hobby… but it’s understandable as weather affects them a lot more… mostly I think just because that’s the old side of the country where they were building cities more-so before modern civil engineering, or even residential building codes… in the pacific storms generally go un-named


It’s the thing on top of the cooker with the gas burners (or electric heating thingies) that you put the pans on. I thought it was standard international English usage. We also have a grill (rather than a broiler).

Of course, if you are “dead posh” you would have an Aga in your kitchen, although the thought of having to chop wood in order to cook the Turkey doesn’t appeal personally


I too love regional words used in the English speaking world.

POSH means port out starboard home. These were the preferred stateroom locations on the trip to India as that’s on the shady side of the ship on it’s journey through the tropics.


Interesting. I’ve heard people here in Canada say it’s “hotter than the hobs of hell” when the temperature climbs to about 32ºC. It also survives in ‘hobgoblin’ which I should think originally caused problems with cooking.

Anyway, this morning it rained like, er, well. It’s supposed to remain sunny and about 20º until Saturday.


Gray and drizzly here after the recent warm spell.


We are having 26C days but very cold overnight. Tomorrow rain is forecast.


Too hot here in Arizona. 102F degrees today.


Finally got hot, clear, and dry here in the Intermountain West. Least favorite time of year for me :frowning:


Me too. I hate summer. I would delete it from the calendar if I had the power.


We are in the “May Gray” heading into “June Gloom”. It sun usually burns through by 11 but past few days the marine layer has been thick. Not the best time to visit San Diego. Beautiful sunsets are in the fall and winter. Can’t complain about the temperature but sure do miss the sun in the morning☀️


Lived in the San Diego area twice when i was young; once on Point Loma and once way out in El Cajon.


Glasgow Scotland. Currently 18C - expected high 19C. Sunny with blue skies and occasional fluffy white clouds. Fresh and slightly breezy All in all a beautiful day. Favourite time of the year!

However, back at home the midges are now out (and the West of Scotland midges can bite their way through a tin roof)