HR3710 Medicare CGM Coverage Act

I got this post from the Insulin Pumpers Mailing list & I thought folks here would also be interested. Insurance usually follows Medicare so get writing to your congress person.

Representative Carol Shea-Porter (D-NH, 1st District) has introduced a bill
in Congress: HR3710 Medicare CGM Coverage Act. This is a very
straightforward bill that will benefit many of us and SAVE taxpayers money!
CMS has refused to change the ridiculous policy based on policy articles,
such as NHIC A33614, which deny coverage because CGM is considered
precautionary. This bill will override the bureaucratic refusal to make a
common sense, cost effective change to this outdated regulation.
The chances of this bill getting through two committees, passing in the House
of Representatives and then going through the same process in the Senate are
slim. However, this is not a partisan bill. Is there anybody who lives in
New Hampshire who could go to Rep. Shea-Porter's office and let her know how
much you appreciate her support for this cause?
All of us who have been frustrated by Medicare's lack of CGM coverage now
have a bill for which we can advocate. Call, write, or visit your local
Representative's and Senators' offices and ask for their support. If each of
us can get our representatives to co-sponsor and/or support this bill then
maybe we can get it passed.
This bill has no downside! It will help prevent the complications of severe
hypoglycemia such as coma, seizures, cognitive impairment, and untimely
death. It is cost effective because it will prevent emergency room visits
and hospitalization for many of us. It will also help to offset the cost by
allowing us to use fewer test strips.
How about it? Am I crazy or is this worth an all out effort to get this bill
passed? Many of us could do something to help. If we do nothing this bill
will die and we will be complaining about lack of coverage for many years to
You can read about this bill in Gary Scheiner's Diabetes Bites for January,
2014, on page 7. The website is


I will call and write emails…no problem. The more of us that call and write emails, the more they will hear our voices.

I will contact legislators and I have posted this on other forums (referring them here) and to the CGM Facebook group. Thanks for posting this.

I'm sure that if it as approached as a possible money saver (les expensive than paying for EMS/ER services) it will have a better chance. I also think we need to educate the legislators that people with type 1 are managing their health well enough to live to be eligible for Medicare.