Hugs, y'all

I can make this short and sweet, cuz you already know what I'm talking about. I need a hug, y'all. I have a cold and my blood-sugar is COMPLETELY out of my control. I've got 35 and I've got 475, and everything in between is a blur wizzing by. I've got stuff to get done and it's too dang hard!!

This is day 4 and finally losing my sh*t. I'm about ready to start some crazy diet or exercise regimen or join an ashram or check myself into a residential facility for people who can't f*ing take it anymore! I want to get all crazy and yell and pull my hair and be socially unacceptable and smash all my miraculous diabetes management devices with a hammer and jump in the ocean and swim away from it all. I'm a really good swimmer. Okay, I'm just average, but if there were a way to leave this on the shore I could outrun Michael Phelps himself.

I guess I couldn't be that short and sweet, after all. Send me hugs, y'all. I'm in need today.

"HUGS" EMILY So sorry I know how u feel there. Been there done that soo sorry.

I got something funny that hapened to me last week maybe this will make u laugh.........I got up on the morning we started our 9 hour trip to Dallas with a 411 bs sooo I try & be smart and do all the right things with the bolus and all right???? We get 2 hours into our trip and I'm at I think it was 45 so I tell my husband to pull off at the next exit so's I can eat........... I still don't go very high after eating a cheeseburgeer and fries along with a "real" coke ater all that I was only 94 (I really don't like it when I'm below 100 I fall too fast and no I didn't bolus for those things) after we FINALLY got to Dallas and in my b-i-l's house I'm still under 50 so I try to snick off and eat a little of this and a little of that (mostly cookies) to get my bs's up. In the middle of a conversation I speak out (making NO sense at all) my husband knows when I do this that I'm low and my b-i-l's girlfriend looks at me and asks if I'm ok and that I'm white as a sheet and look cold (it was like 85 in the house at that time) Now still trying to be cool I say I'm fine and ask my husband if what I just said made no sence. He says "Ugh yes are u low???" Talking about scaring 2 ppl to death yep that was me then! LOL! my hubby just goes on in his usual way and gets me some OJ with sugar in it (YUCK) and after that episode I was ok. U really shoulkd have seen my b-i-l and his g-friends faces during all this! I dang near would up in a Dallas hospital!!! LOL! Now that would have topped off our vacation! LOL!

Short and sweet back to you : a virtual HUG ...count on having a cold for 2 weeks ...that's not only what the literature states's a fact: ...ASK ME , ASK HUBBY

Big **HUGS** and lots of positive vibes coming your way, Emily! Hang in there, this too shall pass and life will be good again. :)

I have to admit that part of your post made me chuckle...because I've had the same thought during rough spurts with my diabetes that I just wish I could check myself into a residential facility because I can't take it anymore and let someone else figure it out for me because it's too dang hard... but the storm always passes and yours will too. Only another PWD could understand.

Thank you sooooooo much! I needed some love you you came through and I REALLY appreciate it. Indeed, it's a wonderful thing to be heard by folks who get it :)


You should try going to a sweat lodge. Your guaranteed to be cured (as long as it doesn't kill you!) HUGS

Emily, If I could get to California I would give you a million hugs. But since I can't get there (I actually think I'm still wanted for something in I guess this will have to do...


Get better soon girl.


Dear Emily done that been there it takes patience. Lie down dream of a pleasant place when you go very low eat some jelly beans drink oj. You taking any meds. I had all this a month ag. It will get better. If you go to a nursing home I will go with you, HUGS,Reed

A Hug and a hope that you get better soon.if swimming was a cure the ocean would be full. Hope you feel better soon

Adding my hugs & sending a big steaming bowl of chicken soup along with healing energy.

The diabetes gremlins have a field day when we're sick. Not fair, so not fair! Hey, gremlins, back off; Emily has enough to do without your tricks.

Let me know if you find an ashram for fed up & disgusted diabetics.

Hope Thurs is a far better day.

Here ya go, kiddo. Print out this gremlin, stick the nasty creature on the wall and have your way with him! Darts, spitballs, whatever ;)

Mega hugs (from ME, not the creature). How about a nice massage?

OMG, jrtpup. A sugar gremlin to abuse and a nice massage are exactly what I need! How did I not think of that? I'm performing at a big, fancy event this weekend (no small addition to my anxiety about the crazy sugars) and I'm gonna get myself a professional massage before the show :) Thank you.

You guys are so wonderful. I knew I could count on my TuD crowd! Thank you all SO MUCH. My mood is brighter today and that's the most important thing to me. I can't thank you all enough...

Glad you're feeling more up Emily. Be good to yourself!

Diabetes seems to have seasons too. I think all long timers know that sometimes D will start humming a very different tone than before. As if there are dissonances in this complex machinery of ourselves. Sometimes this will settle and sometimes we have to ride it out. So just keep on riding. You will find the strength to master the beast.