Humalog CAN sting! LOL!

I haven’t experienced stinging since I used Lantus pens (quite a few years ago when I took a pump vacation), but yesterday I gave a larger-than-usual bolus of 10U and it shocked me that it stung. I recently got a 670 pump which has 2 delivery speeds. Within a week or two of getting that pump, I decided to switch that option to the high speed and never noticed any stinging in over a month. But the 10U did sting and it surprised the heck out of me. LOL! Rather than return the setting to slow speed, if I want a bolus above 8U I’ll split it up as I prefer the quicker deliveries.

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I’ve always been sensitive to delivery speed. Can’t explain why.

My first Disetronic pump had one deliver speed and boluses would sting about half the time. I don’t recall bolus sizes all those years ago, but I can’t imagine more than 5 units routinely. This was no doubt with Humalin. My next Disetronic pumps had a slower speed option that reduced, but didn’t eliminate the problems. I think I transitioned to Humalog sometime in that period. Ditto for my Animas pumps. The slower delivery speed on my Tandem X2 has completely eliminated the problem unless I have a tender infusion site or one I’ve used too long. That’s all been with Humalog or Fiasp. I know some people report more stinging with Fiasp.

As I recall the Animas pump was excessively fast with infusion, right? Like the fastest of any pump, correct?

The fast & slow options were equivalent to my last Disetronic pump, but can’t say relative to other pumps.