Humalog vs Novalog

Hello - I have a question about using humalog vs novalog in a pump. I have a medtronic pump and use Novalog. I used humalog for injections but when I switched to a pump (about 15 years or so ago), my dr put me on novalog because he said it worked better in a pump. I think he may have said that humalog can clump more? I don't remember exactly because it was so many years ago, and I have since switched to a different doctor.

Just recently I got a letter from the prescription vendor that my employer uses saying that the formulary has changed and that I now have to use humalog or pay full pharmacy price for novalog. My question for you is, do any of you use humalog in a pump? Does it work? If not, is it possible for me and/or my doctor to contest something like this?

Like you, I was switched to Novolog ten years ago when I started pumping. There are many people who use Humalog in pumps and I don’t think that clumping is considered a problem any more. It is becoming very common for insurance companies to only have one fast-acting insulin in their formulary.

This summer I was able to get a sample of Humalog from my endo to try. I just wanted to know how it worked for me if i was forced to change for insurance reasons. In general I found that the Humalog worked just fine. For me it seemed to take a little bit longer to start working and then hit “harder” when it started to work. But it was minor differences that I could have adjusted to. In the end I didn’t change insurance plans, so I am still using Novolog.

Usually you can appeal insurance formulary decisions and have your doctor justify that you need to stay on Novolog. But your life will be much easier if you can use the formulary insulin. Some people have problems with changing insulin types, but most of us do fine.

If I were you, I would just switch to Humalog. You might need to tweak your pump settings, but chances are you’ll adjust just fine.

There are insurance companies out there making their customers switch from Humalog to Novolog. We should have a Type 1 Exchange where those who want Novolog could switch with those who want Humalog!

I use Humalog in my pump and always have. I have never had a single issue and i have been using my pump for 12 years.

As to the issue of the formulary. Generally a formulary is written so you can venture off of it but at an extreme cost. For instance in my plan going off the formulary means that i would be paying something like 50% of the cost of the insulin versus 10% capped at $30.00.

Hey Brianna:

It sounds like you and I got the same letter. The good thing, however, is that I've had absolutely no issues with Humalog in my Omnipod while with Novolog I was getting a fair share of occlusion errors at the most inconvenient times - at least twice a month. With Humalog, none, and it works flawlessly.


Yes I use Humalog in my Mini Med Pump. Have used it for over 3 years and never a problem.
It is a man made insulin which I have been told is the best.
Hope this helps!

I started pumping in 1992 with Humulin. In 1996 I switched to Humalog. There were some problems with precipitating in the hose - it dried up like tiny sandspurs in the hose, and wouldn't pump. Minimed change the material of the hose and it worked better. Now, 20 something years later, I rotate between Novalog and Humalog about every three weeks. After a while, they seem not to work so well and I do few reservoirs of Apidra.

The Humalog seems to peak the fastest. Apidra peaks the slowest and lasts the longest. Novalog is in the middle. All of them pump fine with the "new" hoses which have probably been out for at least 15 years.

Thanks for the input everyone. I have an appointment with my doctor before this change goes into effect so I will discuss it with him then. But, the consensus seems to be that humalog works fine in a pump.

Just keep some sugar nearby for those first few meals while you work out the timing of your food vs. insulin. :)