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Hi. I just found a wonderful website called I also plan to buy her book. She takes recipes that are very high in fat, calories, carbs and gives a lower fat, calorie, carb version. A lot of these are not entirely low carb, but a more acceptable splurge. Check out “hungrygirlcom” and look under the tab "Chew the right thing. From strawberry shortcake, to enchiladas, brownies, mocchachinos, cheesecake, cupcakes, muffins, she’s got it covered. Mind you, there are not low carb, just lower carb. A lot of these items can be incorporated into my niece’s meal plan with ease. And, no, not incorporated every day, these are splurges.

You know you have to hate it but thanks for the info. Always nice to have something special every now and then.

Oh, don’t hate this topic, LOL! I don’t know about the adults, but kids with Type 1 do get treats. Children with diabetes also have a more liberal carb count per meal than the adults, judging from responses on this site. For adults who have more restrictive carb count limitations, I would recommend any of Dana Carpenter’s cookbooks. She gets 60 to 70 grams of carbs with dinner. I doubt if many of the adults here want to eat that many grams per meal. Great minds must think alike because I had actually come up with the same idea for strawberry shortcake myself, though without the Smuckers sugar free jam, and it was about 40 grams. You can make one with a lot less grams if you use ladyfingers instead of the shell.