Hurdles and Hoops

New Dblog, ‘Hurdles and Hoops’ a story about why insurance companies suck. Oh and Arden’s DexCom G4 is on the way.

I know that they can be frustrating but, on the other hand, where would be be without insurance companies?

I don't see your statement and mine as being related. I'm happy to have medical insurance, but am unhappy at the amount of unnecessary, and ever changing obstacles that the insurance company places in between me and using that insurance.Frustrating is a badly planned process, infuriating is a purposely planned road block meant to save them money at the expense of your health and quality of life.Am I making sense?

Where is the story at? I agree that insurance companies suck but I am glad I have it or I would never be able to repay all the money I would owe.

Well, I guess I agree there's a problem but I'm more inclined to place the blame with the medical part of the "problem." If doctors universally, or perhaps through the AMA, mandated a more reasonable standard of care, that didn't "budget" test strips, provided pumps/ CGMs more readily and generally allowed a "refill stream" on prescriptions, instead of the absurdities of needing to get them rewritten constantly I think that insurance could actually reduce their costs and deliver what they want. It would probably also help doctors, who wouldn't have STACKS of rx's to manage for their patients and would certainly help us. A win/win/win as it were.

Sorry, not sure why the link didn't post the first time.

LOL, it took me a sec to find the article w/o the link. It's a good read, to be sure but I am still a bit on the side of insurance companies. Members from the UK, Germany and other countries with more public health type of arrangements seem to have more out of pocket expenses and less access to the fancy whistles and bells I've become so addicted to.

That being said, I was pissed off when I discovered that Google Earth had a foible that doesn't show the park across the street from Blue Cross's office, from which I've always fantasized about hitting golf balls through their windows. I scouted it out before the race though. Piece of cake!

Thanks Scott. I feel your pain. Let us know how much more accurate the G4 is over the 7+. I'm not that impressed with the 7+. I have had times of it being more than 150% off; Then there is the one night it woke me up when I was going low and that is the only reason I keep using it.

I just got finished with the DexCom rep to get a new Gen4. First I had to go to the web site and email the link to my doctor so that she would fill out the Certificate of Medical Necessity. When that was done, I read the whole thing carefully and at the bottom it said "this document serves as a prescription and statement of medical necessity for the above referenced patient for a DexCom Inc, SEVEN PLUS Continuous Glucose Monitoring System, Seven Plus sensors, Seven Plus replacment transmitter or Seven Plus replacement receiver all associated D supplies to be provided by Dex Com. So I emailed the rep and said, I don't want a DexCom 7 or 7 plus, I want the new one, is this form that you sent my doctor to fill out still ok for the new Gen 4. The rep said she would get back to me, much later in the day she emails me to say no in fact that form would not be ok, my doctor had to fill out their new form which she sent. And she also thanked me for noticing the mistake ! I hope this DexCom is worth the aggravation you went through, and I wish you didn't have so many hurdles, it should be much easier and it should be.