Hurry up and wait

I got the approval from my insurance company for a pump and have decided to make the leap! But I can't do it until April 1 because my coverage for DME improves on that date. I'm going to go with the Ping. My insurer still won't cover the Vibe, but even if they would, I think I've decided the Ping is for me because of the remote. I don't mind having to carry the Dexcom receiver - which my insurance also just approved! Now that I've decided, I don't want to have to wait until April 1! Not really a question, but I wanted to share with a group who would totally understand my excitement/nervousness, etc.

I have the same combination and it works great. I don’t carry the remote anymore since I got the Dexcom. Just to many devices to carry. You will love the biofeedback of the Dexcom. It takes time to understand the timing of carbs and the insulin action but it’s graphically illustrated on the reciever. Good luck.

Exactly what I have. I could not wait until the Vibe came out and after I read some comments I want to keep my separate. You will begin to have so much control with the Dexcom G4. I never used the meter remote with my pump, as it was just as easy for me to figure things out myself. Been doing this over 50 years. Keep us posted! Never stop learning about the Big D.

Thanks for the support! I've been paying out of pocket for the Dexcom for the last year and I really do love it. It will be so nice to now have coverage for it! Nervous about the pump, but I'll never know unless I try.

How exciting though (love new pump boxxes arriving!). My coverage is horrible, so it's good to hear when things work out!

And congratulations on 50+ years! Stories like yours give me hope since I came to this whole dance in my 40's.

Your excitement is understandable. I was the same way when getting my first Minimed 508! Am on my second PING and was excited to receive that! The first one was an upgrade, and I liked it so much I got another one when the pump warranty was up - with anticipation that the VIBE would come out soon. Well - almost 4 years into this pump and the VIBE finally came out and I decided I like the remote meter too much! So I am also doing the PING and the separate Dexcom receiver.

April 1st will be here soon!

My next pump in June will most likely be another PING. I am looking at one other pump - the TSlim - but I really like the flexibility of being able to change batteries and not have to charge my pump up. My Dexcom charge lasts over a week - but am not sure that on a pump that will be as good. I get well over a month on a battery with my PING, almost 2 months with a lithium battery. And if I am traveling, it is great to be able to use an alkaline battery if that is what you happen to have.

Good luck and keep us posted on how you are doing!

Thank you, we are lucky it is a disease we can work on. (I hate the word 'control')Some are given diseases that can't be worked on. Not happy I have it, but it sure makes you strong. Wish we could figure out why it happens. I was 9 when it got me, and I am telling you back in the old day there was nothing that helped you with this disease. Gym teachers, and teachers in general back in the 60's make you run when you are probably in the 4 or 600's or you are so low you can't see. One English teacher, asked if I was just plain 'stupid'? No, I had no brain cells working for me at the time. Been there done that. You gave the insulin and ate what doctors said, but it was not good. I am very blessed to have my pump, and my Dexcom G4. I have a friend that has done this 69 years, so everyone "We are strong, and we can DO THIS!"

Now the really important question, pink or black?

I currently have the black Ping. My other Ping was pink. I love the pink.

I'm so glad you said that because I'm pretty sure I'm going with pink. :-)

Love my pink ping!

I went back and forth about my new Ping color. I thought about the pink and the lime green. I liked both but realized that I need to live with it for 5 years and knew I'd get really sick of both, so I went with the black. Not exciting but sustainable for me. My 1st Ping was the blue which is actually my favorite color offered but I wanted a change.

Laura & Zoe, thanks for the thoughts. I go back and forth between sustainable and fun. I think fun is winning out because I keep imagining it as pink and I think it would help me feel lighter & freer about having it attached to me 24/7.

There you go! Just fair warning and you probably know this: There is a fair learning curve until you get used to the pump and get all your settings where you want them. For me, the infusion sets were also a learning curve as I have crappy hand/eye coordination and had to sit with the instructions line by line for a while. But soon it becomes second nature. I zoomed through programming my second Ping last week. And you'd be surprised how quickly you adjust to the tubing! Take a look at the workbook online and do request some sample or different boxes of types of infusion sets to see which you prefer.

I'm a little freaked out about the infusion sets. I'm pretty lean and think I want to try the Inset 30s, but of course, I'll have a lot to talk about with the trainer once all the wheels are in motion. The learning curve also has me a bit freaked, but the thought of being able to keep decent numbers overnight without worrying about lows and to do small corrections is really what's fueling me at this point. A unit still brings me down 100 points, but my I:C averages 1:10. It feels like it's impossible to fine tune anything on MDI at this point.

Zoe - The black is nice too. It is a nice black - very Sparkly and I figure I can use the skins for it that come in many colors.

Yes, I'm fine with the black; goes with everything. I actually got a purple skin way back when I first started and found I really didn't like the feel of it - it adds way too much thickness. Now what I really wish is the meter/remote had pretty cases! Though I have to say, my new, well padded one is a big improvement on my tattered old one. I doubt I will make it through five years on this one, when that looked so bad after 4!

I've met with an Accuchek rep, now there's a black pump for you with no color options. However, boy it would be nice if the Ping meter had the same color screen as their meter does.

I would love a color screen on the Ping remote meter too. I hope Animas will continue to improve the Ping. A new generation with a nice color screen and more up to date remote - would be great!