Hurting by lack of help

My physician will only allow me to get a pump or CGMS if it is shipped to his office. When they received my new pump “in their office” they called me and made an appointment for 9 weeks later. I have now saved up for the startup costs of a CGMS and they want to do the same thing. I think if I pay for the medical device it should be sent to me and not to a physician who waits until it is “in their office” to make an appointment. We all know how hard it is to get an appointment. I don’t think it is right for the physician to wait to schedule, at their convenience, an appointment to give me my medical device. AND charge me for that.

Personally, I would not tolerate that type of control over my medical decisions. You do need a doctor to approve your pump, but it sounds like they are way too controlling. If they already have your pump, you may need to follow it through, but I would find a new doctor ASAP and switch as soon as you have your pump. I find that really offensive!

I agree w/ Zoe. My pump was shipped to me and I went to the doctor’s office to learn how to use it. I had to wait 3 or 4 weeks for the appointment but I think it may have involved the BCBS log time too?

I would be looking for a new doctor also. I have seen a couple people here say their doctors did that, but they did not have to wait 9 weeks to get hooked up. I think some doctors are afraid people will get it out of the box and start using it without training. Doing that with a pump is one thing but it isn’t like you can kill yourself with a CGMS.

Sounds like this doctor or one of his staff needs to learn how to use it so they can show you how. Few docs or endos know how to use one. They will probably call the company you bought it from to get a CDE to come to their office and show them. This sounds like over control on his part, I would find someone better ASAP.

I’d phone the pump manufacturer & ask if they have a rep that can go over the pump with you. Explain the length of time etc.
Generally they have nurses they have contracted for this purpose, and a doctor’s office space IS used.
You can make arrangements with the rep-teacher yourself as to where and when once provided with her phone #. Problem is, the space needs to be fairly quiet and not a problem to the rep. That’s why doctor’s offices are used.
Problems ensue when teacher-reps have to go to homes & children are crying.
This is why it has come down to the doctor providing space and the rep going there.
If there isn’t a rep in the doctor’s office when you get there for the appointment, the staff are probably going over the pump instructions themselves before teaching you. Whaja think?

My pump was shipped directly to me. In fact, when my CDE and I narrowed down to three pumps to explore – I took it from there with the pump reps. Certainly, she would have done it for me – but I didn’t need my CDE Int he middle. When I got the pump, I scheduled my appointment. Tell your doctor you want to deal with the rep directly and get the rep’s contact info and do it yourself.

Thats when you grab a sign and picket outside the office.