Husband Going Through Rough Times :(

Sorry I haven’t been around much. My husband has been going through some rough times. He is getting where he can hardly walk. The pain in his legs and feet is immense.

He had a nerve conduction at the end of last week and they said he did have some nerve damage (which we were expecting) and they said he had some muscle issues. That’s all they said- muscle issues. I’m hoping it’s just a result of the nerve damage and when we get some meds to help that, it will in turn help the muscles. I’m praying it’s nothing on top of the nerve damage. I’m hoping we’ll find out by tomorrow the extent of the nerve damage and what the muscle issues are- ya’ll please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

And as if that wasn’t enough- he has a mass in his stomach. We were told that it looks like a tumor in his bladder (at the ER) and then his doctor said it may be a hernia which made us breathe a sigh of short relief the surgeon wasn’t so sure. He said he had no idea what it was. So he had a Cat Scan the same day as his nerve conduction test. He goes to the surgeon tomorrow at 3 to hear the results.

Needless to say, things are a bit scary right now. I’ll let you all know more info. when we find out.

Hey Tracey
Have you tried Vitamin B Complex? A friend recommended it to me for pains related to nerve pains.
Good luck with everything. I’m sure it will a be fine.

I am so sorry to hear you are having such a hard time. I am praying for you, and I hope things will get better. Keep us posted.


Sorry to hear that you’re all going through such a trying time. I’ll say some prayers for both of you. Do you mind telling us his name?

We will keep you on our thoughts!

Yes- I give him Stress Formula Vitamins, every morning. It’s a B Complex vitamin with zinc and antioxidants, C&E and folic acid. Since he works in the heat, these are really good for him. They’re suppose to replace the vitamins and minerals that physical and mental stress takes out of you.

They’re excellent vitamins- if you haven’t tried them, I highly recommend them.

Then at night, I give him a One-A-Day vitamin, fish oil and Kyo-Green vitamins. Kyo-green is a natural vitamin to make sure you get your daily dose of greens. They can raise your sugar a bit- so I don’t give him the recommended daily dose, only 1 a day.

Thank you so much. I will let you know when we find out. He’s taking a chemical stress test now, for his heart- but he had a double-bypass when he was only 38- so this is suppose to be routine, just to make sure everything is okay- but since I can never get him to the doc. they’re doing it now.

He’s one that just won’t go to the doctor. Maybe now he will go regularly. This is why he’s having to get so much done at one time.

Thank you, Bernard. His name is Eddie. Both my son and hubby are Eddie and were born on the same day :slight_smile:

I really appreciate all your prayers- more than you know.

Thankyou! I’ll post when we get back from the doc’s- he’ll find out about the mass in his stomach today at 3. I’m waiting to hear back from the other doc today about his nerve conduction test. I was hoping they could give us the results of that today as well, since the imaging center said they should have the results by today.

I hope you and Eddie get a good report from the doctor. I will be saying prayers for you both.

My prayers are with you.

Any word from the doctor, Tracey?

My thoughts are with you, your husband and family, as well as everyone else that is sick in this world.

Tracey and Hubby,

May God give you the strength to deal with all your struggles…

I read your blog and I too have had a 3 way bypass at 40 years old. I am now 48. Had the CBG due to T2. I am still stuggling with my sugar levels. Have started the atkins diet and my sugars have been almost normal. May be able to reduce my insulin intake.

Hey Hubby, you have to get serious and exercise to get better sugar numbers, lifestyle change is a must. I have often gotten frustrated but this blog community has been helpful. I have a wojderful wife and two young children…they motivate me too.

Have the Doc check your pancreas immediately. For leg pains, marijuana has been known to help a lot. I’m not an advocate of marijuana use, but I’m also not in pain like you. I found a lot of good info at regarding diabetes and diabetes related matters.

In my prayers and thoughts,


My prayers are with you and your husband right now! I hope everything turns itself around for you guys!