Hyperglycaemia /hypoglycaemia

I WONDER IF YOU CAN ANSWER A PROBLEM QUESTION FOR ME PLEASE.Sometimes i am not feeling well and i can't just make out why because i'm not exactly feeling ill, but i am 70, and do have a number of problems, ie:B12deficientcy, arthritis,peripheral neuropathy,and fibromyalgia among a few miner problems.But i try not to let it get me down too much,i keep busy in the garden and the gym and swimming as much as i can, but sometimes i start to shake inside my body for no reason, and my sight keeps flashing as if i'm hungry and have had nothing to eat,after sitting for an hour or two and having a drink i feel better again, my daughter said it was low blood sugar. i have had tests for diabetes,and told i don't have it, the diabetic nurse gave me a meter to test my blood sugar, and here in England under 4 is too low, above 7 is too high. I have been testing whenever i am very tired and feel a bit low, not every day, just now and again as i have been told to do,then i write it down in a book, sometimes i am low,and sometimes i have high blood sugar and sometimes it's fine, but WHY does it fluctuate like this? Two ago i registered 2.1, and my blood was dark red,so yesterday i took it again and it was 9.4, too high, so today as it was so high yesterday i took it today, it was fine 5.1 but my blood was bright orange,and transparent, usually by blood is dark red and sticky.I use the same finger each time, but sometimes i have to prick my finger about 4 times before it will bleed,i've tried other fingers but they are the same as with the peripheral neuropathy i sometimes get purple fingers and pins and needles. Another thing i've noticed is that my urine is sometimes dark yellow and has a strong sweet smell,and i have been getting up at least 5 to 6 times during the night. My daughter says i am lacking iron,could this be the reason for my problems or could it be due to my medication. I am on Gabapentin omeprazole, co codamol,cymbalta, ezetrol, fexofenadine and nortriptyline. I keep asking my Doctor to take me off some of the tablets but he keeps saying no. Do you have an answer for me please?


I agree the 9.4 is too high, I'm not sure how you'd get to 2.1 without some type of medication to knock your blood sugar lower. I have read that hypoglycemia can be a precursor to T2 diabetes but I have no idea if that might account for your symptoms or not. I have T1 but I suspect that like T1, T2 is "situational" and, if you are fasting, you might "pass" a test but if you eat something it can make your BG go up? That may, in turn also serve to "fire up" your pancreas causing the "rebound" hypoglycemia. I'm not sure though, it's very speculative on my part. I also don't know about the litany of meds, I've read up on some of them but a couple I'm not as familiar with. Lots of codeine (the co codamol?) could perhaps cause addiction which, depending on the circumstances, can make people feel out of sorts?

Yes, see another doctor! First of all, YOU, not your doctor are the one to make decisions on your treatment, with, of course, knowledge and advice from your doctor. But in the end, it is your body.

You ae being told you "don't have diabetes" but 2.1 (38) is way too low and 9.4 (169) is higher than non-diabetic usually go. And fluctuating from high to low and fine is, unfortunately typical of diabetes. Your daughter is right that what you describe is symptoms of low blood sugar, and having something to drink (with sugar?) makes it better. Peripheral neuropathy is a symptom of long term diabetes as well.
What test did they do to determine if you have diabetes, and how long ago was it? Random blood tests are less than meaningless. You need at least an A1C (an average of blood sugars for three months) and possibly an OGTT which gives you a high sugar drink and tests your response over a couple hours.

I would go back to the doctor with your log and ask for one of the above tests. If he doesn't take you seriously I would see another doctor. Unfortunately, many doctors don't take women your age very seriously.

I agree, they don't take women my age seriously enough, they always seem to make you feel as though you are a hypercondrac, which i definately am NOT. They don't feel my pain, they just say (oh well at your age it's wear and tear,)or (well you're bound to get aches and pain at your age). But i am a young 70, i'm far from being an old dodderer, and i do exercise quite a lot even when i don't feel like it,i walk ,or rather limp on my walks , i go swimming and to the gym ,and i do keep fit,and i also love gardening and am out side everyday gardening. It was in november when i had a fasting blood test where i had to drink lucosade, and was with the nurse for 3/4 of an hour.Lately,my blood sugar test have been 7.7 6.4 7.2 5.2 2.1 9.4 5.1 so it's sort of gone up and down ALSO, i am always hot, almost all the time,even when people complain that it's cold i never am.As i say, my daughter has type 1 diabetes, and she thinks that i have it too . When she lived here in England they didn't detect her diabetes, it was only four years ago when she moved to California that they found she has diabetes.she also thinks that i have an .iron deficiency

Ihave been taking co codamol ,(which is 30mg codiene phosphate and 500mg of paracetamol)for many years, but i don't take as many as they tell me, i just take them when i really need them,the fexofenadine is an antihistamine as i have lots or allergies,AND THE EZETROL is for cholesterol as i refuse to take symvastins, and i expect you know what cymbalta is for as it is an American drug, and the nortriptyline is forthe fybromyalgia which i have at night to help me sleep, but they don't work.And the gabapentin is for the nerve pain of peripheral neuropathy.If i had my way i would leave out all of them, because i think they cause lots of problems on their own, but my Doctor won't let me.

Your doctor "won't let you?" I hear this kind of language a lot, but it doesn't make sense to me. You are the "consumer" (of specialized medical services). The doctor has lots of training, so his advice is well worth listening to but if you feel strongly about something, it's your body!

In the U.S. especially people are always trying to sell us something we don't need, don't want, can't afford, or wouldn't use. Why make less of a personal decision for your body than you would for a new tv?

I'm not directing this at you, Joy, it's just a pet peeve of mine that doctors have us brainwashed into thinking we don't know our own bodies. In the case of Diabetes which is a 24/7 self management condition, they can't possibly know what each individual needs! Not in the 15 minutes they spend getting to know us!

With reference to your reading of 2.1:

From http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hypoglycemia

"Throughout a 24 hour period blood plasma glucose levels are generally maintained between 4-8 mmol/L (72 and 144 mg/dL).[5]:11 Although 3.3 or 3.9 mmol/L (60 or 70 mg/dL) is commonly cited as the lower limit of normal glucose, symptoms of hypoglycemia usually do not occur until 2.8 to 3.0 mmol/L (50 to 54 mg/dL).[6]"

Also see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reactive_hypoglycemia