Hyperglycemia moods

Hi,I was just wondering how do you handle your mood when your hyperglycemic? I have been having trouble concentrating and focusing and answering questions that I am asked. I get flustered and it usually ends up in confrontation because the people want an answer right away and when I say I can't right now, I am having trouble concentrating and ask for the conversation to be done at a later time, they get mad, so I TRY to get through a conversation and it is HARD, VERY HARD! Any ideas on how to handle the situations? I am working with my NEW diabetes team and NEW dr. and we are trying to straighten out my sugars, but till I am under control.....help please?

What sort of environment are you talking about? At work, school? I have found that when I am hypoglycemic and am honest about what I am experiencing, for example “I am sorry but I am experiencing hypoglycemia right now due to my diabetes. Can you give me a few minutes to gather myself and treat my blood sugar”? Usually dies the trick. People will generally even ask if they can help. Are you being forthcoming about your hypoglycemia, or just behaving strange and erratic (which is how it would appear to someone who doesn’t understand diabetes).

Do the people that are talking to you know you are a diabetic? This is very wrong of them trying to push you to do something that you cannot physically do. I had an episode once while being in school at a teacher practicing course. It was awful, but I told the teacher what was going to and I took care of it right away. I was told by a nutritionist and diabetic specialist that if you do not have a glucose tablet just go for the coke and no diet ones. She said that candy will take way to long to fix the problem. Hang in there and everything will be ok.. :0P

My mood doesn't change much when I'm hyperglycemic, but my ability to think and to stay awake sure does! I agree with the other posters, let them know you need a short break to treat your high/low then you will be able to give them the attention they deserve.

I think hb is talking about high blood sugar ("hyper"), not low. When I'm high, I get really sleepy and sometimes really crabby. To the point where if I argue with my husband about anything at anytime, he will say "Do you need to check your bs?", which of course just makes me angry.

It also seems like anytime my bs is out of whack, that's when someone at home or work wants to have a serious conversation. I typically say "We'll have to do this later, I'm feeling sick right now" and walk away. I've found that if I say I'm feeling sick rather than trying to explain the blood sugar, more people can relate to "feeling sick", whatever that equates to in their mind so they don't get angry.

I guess they're probably afraid that I'm going to throw up or something right then and there. :)

Just keep your focus on doing what you need to do to get and stay healthy. That's the important part. Hang in there.

Agreed! Same here I get groggy and I get upset over anything can’t think straight… And I tend to give my husband the silent treatment lol he recently found out it had to do with my sugars we have been married for 6yrs but I tried not to share anything D related with him until recently I have no idea why, I guess I didn’t want to put a burden on him? I don’t know but I feel much better knowing he knows a little more about D now that I start to explain things to him. I agree with everyone you should let whoever it is that you have D so they can understand that the conversation can wait.

I WISH i was having lows!, My dr. is worried I have not had any. It is family environment.Home life. I work alone (cleaning houses)and don't have to work with other people most of the time.I do child care also and they make me happy, even when I am high, they don't argue with me. :) It is the high's I am having trouble with. Until I see my endo at end of the month I have limited amount of insulin to take. And it is clearly not enough. But my brain can't really think that well and I have changed my diet to get less carbs, but I am still to high for my brains way of thinking. I have walked away after telling them I needed to lie down.....it didn't go so well, they followed me there to my room.I have to find way to get out of the arguments, cope with the highs and be livable with everyone.They know I have diabetes but they don't want to learn about it. It is me who has to change my moods and learn how to live with it peacefully with everyone.I called my diabetes nurse today, i am getting him to write a letter for my family explaining the whole hyperglycemic moods and what they can do when I am high.It might help. I hope. My dad is starting to get it, and says he will reinforce the family to read it and make changes.But I have to get letter.

I'm really sorry you're having such a tough time hb. We can all relate. It took a while for my family to get it and I know how frustrating it feels when they just don't understand. Now that they get it, they almost drive me crazy sometimes smothering me...do you feel ok, can I get you anything... just treat me normal! ;)

Hopefully your family will come around as they learn more and it sounds like your dad is great and will help you. Just remember that it's not you, it's the too much glucose or not enough glucose that makes your brain wacky. So don't be too hard on yourself. You're trying your best to take care of yourself and that's what is most important. Let your dad take the lead in handling the family.

I hope things get better for you soon. You say that you have a limited amount of insulin to take until you see the endo at the end of the month? Does that mean you're taking less insulin trying not to run out? Because you can ask your diabetes nurse if they can give you sample vials of insulin at no cost so you can take the amount you need.

Or did you mean that your endo is adjusting your doses and the doses aren't right yet? Because you shouldn't have to wait that long to get help in adjusting doses. The doctor or nurse can do that for you over the phone if you ask them to.

It is my endo who will be saying if we add more or change insulins. My diabetes nurse says we need more but it could make me too low for nights, but i need more for days. My dr. is waiting till we see the endo to do more adjustments.I am taking 10 units of lantus at bedtime.23 more days till i get help.
Yes, I am trying my hardest to be not so tired, crabby, ect. It is hard.
Nice to know other people have this trouble to...I just wish we didn't.

hb, your mood will change once your insulin is adjusted. You shouldn't have to wait till the end of the month. Have you tried calling to let them know how miserable you are and how high your bg is, to see if they can get you in earlier?