Hi all,

A couple of my friends have recently given birth using the hypnobirth technique… I’m considering it… does anyone have any experience with it? Anyone else considering it?

Take care :slight_smile: Kris

Kris. I want to share my experience with hypnobirthing. Well its not really mine it was a patient of mine. I work in labor and delivery and have seen many people go through labor and delivery and I was so impressed with this method! Gettting through labor without pain medications is a mind set. This method teaches you how to stay with the pain and talk your way through it.If you tell yourself this is a natural process and you will be fine then you probably will. This particular patient of mine stayed in bed the whole time in a meditative like state and did so incredible. I was sold! I havent had kids yet so I really dont know if I am strong enough…but I would like to think so! Good Luck!

Hi Steph,
That is very encouraging to hear… thank you! Kris

Hi Kris!
I had a HypnoBirth almost 4 years ago, and am getting ready to have another here in a couple of weeks. I LOVED it. It was the most amazing and wonderful thing, giving birth, made me feel like I was ten feet tall. It was intense and hard work but I didn’t have any drugs and I didn’t feel any pain. No judgment to those who did either of the above, either, but it was beautiful and perfect for me. I think it’s a great method, as long as, just like with any method, any parenting advice, really anything, you can take what works for you and leave the rest behind. I just don’t like it when ANYONE says you HAVE to do this or you CAN’T do that. You know what works for you. Have faith in yourself and trust yourself and good luck! Cheers! =)