Hypo at the grocery store

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Sorry hit the wrong button.
We were shopping with our 2 yr old grandson and while checking out I feel a low BS coming on and ask my wife for 1 of the bananas. She peels it and hands it to my grandson and say hand this to grandpa. He procedes to start eating it. I ask him for it and he acts as if I was not even there. So I brake a piece off and he fusses until I peel it down further. Never thought I would have to fight a 2 yr old to correct a hypo. Grand children are priceless in every way.

Grocery stores are the absolutely best place to hypo. I mean where else can you treat yourself with your absolute choice of “anything.” The world is your oyster.

ps. I cannot recommend treating a hypo with oysters.

Not necessarily -= My wife before becoming a pumper had hypo unawareness and as she was checking out alone, she passed out and on her way to the floor ate the handle of the grocery cart - $6,000 of dental work - The grocery store called the ambulance and put all the groceries away and did give us a credit. The doc we had was a quack and had her on a poor protocol of longacting insulin and just kept telling her talke more insulin take more insulin needless to say he is an ex doctor for us.

I have opened more than one bottle of juice though in a groceery store to treat a pending low!

Too funny! But hey, your wife should have known that at 2 years of age your grandson would confiscate the banana and consider it a treat from grandma. :wink:

Later this month my granddaughters are coming to stay with us for a couple of weeks (a six-year-old and a two-year-old). I’m looking forward to spoiling them.

Yes it is very funny now. I am just glad I still know when I am going hypo we do see him often. He is Grandpa’s boy. Another grandbaby due in Aug.

the grocery store is where it all starts.
I run around the store, intent on my list, not intent on my feelings. Have started the routine of removing a glucose tablet when I get out of the car in the lot when I put the keys back in the purse.

I walk 12 blocks to my grocery store and then by the time I’ve wandered the aisles of the large, truly incredible store I am lucky enough to live near (Berkeley Bowl) I’m often low. I never leave the house without glucose tablets and if I test and am under 60 I just pop two and go on my way.

My friends and family know that I don’t share MY snacks, but I bet my 3 year old niece (Calin the blondie) would put up a fuss if I broke off a piece of her banana, she is a fiesty girl. Now Avery her older sister would share

I loathe getting low @ the grocery store as I’m “on a mission” to buy goodies I want to eat. This means I don’t want to eat them until I’m @ home. I always do the list in the order of the goodies so I can race through the store too. Then I get distracted from the mission by the the low which will generally make the low more pronounced which, in turn, makes the shopping more difficult and can be a bit of a perpetual spiral.

I haven’t passed out but one time I was close but there was a display lady with little to-go rammekin rootbeer floats so I went and said “sorry” and ate like 5 of them and then staggered off.

don’t mean to laugh, but the staggered off is so familiar to me, I have a ton of lows.

Haha! Too funny(:

Please don’t tell me you make a mad rush for the cottage cheese. :slight_smile:

And you know, when they have samples, you are only supposed to take one and buy some rootbeer! She was, of course, set up by the ice cream and it’s not like I’m going to open a vat of dibs and chow down on them, not the right department to be hypo…

I love it I have never done several ay once but I have gone 2 or 3 times around the loop at Costco - They have the best samples!

but they never seem to be samples that would help a hypo or that I would normally eat! Perhaps I should move to where there is a Costco.

What is wrong with you? I shop at the same stores, they know me. I will eat stuff right in the store. I always bring the empty container to the front and pay for it, but I have no ethical problem with standing in front of the freezer section eating dibs.

Hahahahahaha! That is so funny! I couldn’t imagine what would happen if I tried to take a banana away from my little girl! I play around with her sometimes to try to get her to learn how to share (she is 18 months) and ask her for a cracker from her tray and then take one. She picks up all the other crackers on her tray and looks at me like I am crazy!!! LOL

She just learned the word “no” and she is a little jokester. I always tell her I love her and she usually says “lub you” but yesterday I told her “I love you” and she didn’t say it back, I asked her “Ari, do you love mommy”? and she said “NO”!! I was heartbroken =( LOL

LOL!!! BSC you’re so funny!

I dunno, pretty much 100% of my really severe lows have occurred when I’m distracted by something. W/ groceries, I’m pretty focused but as my BG fades, I want to cure it when I get home with the goodies!