Hypo Hypothesis #2

My initial hypothesis concerning my medication was proved to be false yesterday. This means that I need to carry on testing to discover what leads to my late morning lows.

The hypothesis I’m testing today concerns food. This morning I had three slices of bread for breakfast, instead of my usual two. I want to see what effect it will have on my 11am hypo. If it does have an effect, it will indicate to me that the hypo is definitely food-related.

Future tests will include:

  • reducing breakfast carbs to 1 slice of bread
  • fasting through the morning

I think that testing these factors will lead me in the right direction. I have decided that if all else fails, and I don’t discover the mechanism causing the hypo, I will just have a snack at 10:30 every morning, and ignore the doctor’s non-snacking directive.

Ran a bit high 1 hour post prandial (8.6), but it’s now past 11am and no hypo!

Went down to 4.1 just before lunch. Will try the mid-morning snack tomorrow - that way will avoid being high post prandial but still get the carbs I seem to need.