Hypo on a bike

Today I asked my aunt how far it was to the beach and if I could get there on a bike. She said 1-2 miles and the road down at the corner went straight to the beach. I decided to try it, and packed up my diabetes kit and a bottle of water and peddled away. It was an easy ride, down a gentle hill all the way. I hung out out at the beach listening to the surf and felt right at home the weather was perfect. When I got hungry I went to the Mandarin House and got sauteed shrimp and vegetables. I did a bolus injection trying to err on the low side.The shrimp was so good, the best meal I had all week, except it cost almost all my cash.

I hung out riding up and down the beach for a couple of hours then tested my BG. I was 128 and decided to ride home. By the time I got half way back I was exhausted because it was up hill all the way. That’s when I started seeing black spots before my eyes and knew a hypo was starting. I got off the bike and sit down on the curb to get my glucose out of my bag. I was horrified to find out there was only one glucose tab in the vile. I knew that would not be enough so I looked around for a place to buy something sweet. There was nothing, not even a gas station in sight. I tested and found 61 and I knew it was still falling. I sat there with my head down trying not to move to save energy when a police car pulled up and asked me if I was OK. I said no, I was diabetic and needed something sweet in a hurry. They offered to drive me to a nearby Jack in the Box restaurant and I got in the back seat. I got a large coke and drank it down but was still shaking a lot and sweating, my tee shirt was half soaked with sweat. . One policeman got in the back seat with me and asked if I needed to go to the hospital. I said I would be OK in a little while so we talked while the other cop drove us back to my bike. I found out he was single and 23 years old and lived alone. I gave him my number and he gave me his. When we got back to my bike I was still shaking so they offered to drive me home. He put the bike in the trunk and drove to my aunt’s house. When we got there she came running out and asked the policeman what I had done.We explained that it was an attack of low blood sugar and I was OK. When the nice policeman finished taking my bike to the garage, I gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek and said call me. I hope he does.

That is the best low story I have ever heard. :slight_smile:

It was no fun for me but had a happy ending. The policeman called me a few minutes ago, we are going out Friday.

Wow. First sorry to hear about your low. Second hope you have fun/ good time on Friday.

Aw, that is SO cute! (i mean, you meeting the cop not your hypo). Geez,I wish stuff like that would happen to me (I mean, meeting a cute guy and he wants your number not the hypo hehe). Is he cute? :slight_smile:

Your charmed, girl! I told you the guys won’t care about your tomboy stuff (and obviously the cop didn’t care about your D - one big obstacle out of the way!). I hope it goes well for you. :slight_smile:

I’ve never been this excited about a date. I can’t get him out of my mind, I couldn’t sleep good last night, I woke up 3 times and kept thinking about what I should wear.

He’s never seen me as a tomboy, I probably looked very girly and vulnerable when I was suffering the hypo. I hope he’s not asking me out because he feels sorry for me.

And who said they were having a boring summer? We’ll want details, girl!

That is the best introduction you could dream about ! Your date know already you have diabetes so his call means that he can deal with that. Good luck for your date !

Taniwaki - No details yet except we’re going to The Shores for dinner.

I did a few “namu myoho renge kyo”'s preying he wouldn’t turn out to be a Mr. Libidinous.

Just bee yourself, plus guys like girls who play video games and like sports. One time u was playing guitar hero at gamestop, expert foo fighter song, These guys stopped to watch. My hubby was standing next to me, when I stopped playing the guys looked at him and said “you have a keeper” lol

Mario - He’s already seen the down side of diabetes, I hope I can show him the up side.

BTW, what is that up side again?

Kimberly - I’m not sure how cute he is, do you remember faces you’ve only seen when your BG is in the 60’s?

I’m just lucky I didn’t pee my pants, I’ve done that, just before I pass out, when my BG gets very low. The 2 times I’ve been to the ER for hypos my mother had to bring me dry clothes before I got released.

Domo - I don’t know where we would play video games unless there is an arcade at the beach or maybe at his house some day. : )

I’ve never played guitar hero, I’ve seen it played on a Wii. The bunch that were playing were drunk so I didn’t want to get involved.

Chisaki, the up side is you are stronger with diabetes, you know how to deal with challenges in everyday life :wink:

Great date place, Dave and busters!

chiski, I don’t get Hypos so I can’t really say but I think I would still remember if I thought a guy was cute or not - I can tell by the first look. :slight_smile: But you felt better when you got home and gave him that kiss and hug right? He must be cute or you wouldn’t be so excited about date?

I don’t think he is feeling sorry for you. Being a copper, he probably wants to protect you and treat you to a nice night out. Not to mention you are pretty so he is obvious attracted to you. :slight_smile:

Mario - I don’t know about stronger and dealing with challenges. My sister is not diabetic and she’s stronger than me in every way. She will except any challenge and do things I’m incapable of doing, not that I would want to do some of them.

Once when we were hiking on Kaui with a mixed group of friends and relatives, she suggested we to skinny dipping in a secluded pool. Everyone was for it except me but I had to go along or get teased for the rest of the trip. Every one else just undressed and jumped in while I undressed behind a bush and slipped in the water up to my neck. I stayed that way until they started getting out. Then I went for my clothes and my sister had taken them. She handed them to me one piece at a time while everyone watched me put them on. She is the strong one, I am a pussycat and she is a tiger.

Dome - I’ve been to Dave and Busters with a date. We had gone to a football game at the stadium. D&B was crowded with people that had too much to drink. I don’t drink and am too young to drink so watching a bunch of drunks is not my idea of fun. Maybe at a better time D&B would have been nice. They did have video games I would like to play.

I wouldn’t skinny dip either, you can be strong and brave and different ways.

Be strong doesn’t mean to accept to be humiliated. You are stronger than me, I’ll never accept to take a bath skinny with others.