Hypo Question

My 16 year old has complained the last two days about feeling shaky and light headed at football practice. At first, I thought it was just because it’s hot and they run those kids like crazy but last night I told him to test his BG with my meter. He has tested me a hundred times. (I think he just likes to stick my finger.) Anyway, his BG was 55. I was shocked. Of course the first thing I did was get him something to eat.
My question is, is that a normal BS for an athletic 16 year old? It seems very low to me but he’s very thin and active. What to you all think? He’s had football practice all summer and has not complained until now. I’m very worried. I would have called the Doctor today but it’s Wednesday and they are not in.

All I can say is get a doctor to check out your son and until then make sure he has snacks with him in case he starts feeling light headed.

I think Erin has some pretty reasonable advice.

Those of us with DM tend to be sensitive to hypoglycemia (no pun intended) but there are millions of people who sometimes have that without DM. I did a few times years before I came down with DM, and a couple of endos told me that the two were probably not related. At your next visit, ask your doctor as well as your son’s physician.

I sent a couple granola bars with him today as well as some glucose tablets, in case he needs them during practice. I figured they would be easy to chew up during practice and not too much of a hassle for him.
Thanks for the advise. I’m just trying not to overreact, which I’m very good at. I always get really good answers on here.

I wouldn’t worry too too much about it. It’s something of concern- definitely talk to a doctor to find out what he suggests is the target low BG for your son.

I used to go low a lot while I was teenager- I think it had something to do with my metabolism? Also, when he’s doing football practice, if he doesn’t eat and ends up running ragged out there, the exercise will probably bring his BG down. Just make sure that he eats before practice- and maybe ask him to stop midway through (coaches give a few minutes breaks during practices) and test on the benches.

Maybe even if just for a few days? Atleast that way he can see what his trends are.
If he’s 150 before practice
halfway through he’s 134
and afterward he’s at 110

Then, you will know how much a basic football practice affects him.
That way, if he starts practice at 70, you know he will be around 30 (using the example above) by the time he’s done if he doesn’t treat it.

my friend isn’t diabetic, but has a similar problem, she does gymnastics and has to carry snacks with her as her blood glucose alwasy drops when doing sport, when she complained of feeling ill her parents took her to the doctor and that was what he told her it was

Sounds like it could easily just be the physical activity from what everyone is saying (I’ve never actually done enough physical activity to have the problem myself…lol). My thoughts are with you that that is what it is. Don’t let your thinking go to the worse possible thing; if it is diabetes you will deal with it when you get there, but for now that’s premature. Let us know what the doctor says.

Your son has not been diagnosed with diabetes, is that right? According to several sources, values below 70 are considered hypo.

I’d call the doctor to touch base and give yourself some peace of mind – and that sounds like just what you’re going to do. Why do these things always seem to happen on a doctor’s day off? In my case, it’s Tuesdays.

He has not been diagnosed with diabetes. I am going to call the Doctor in the morning and just run it past him.
Please send up a prayer for him. You’re all so wonderful. I knew I could count on you all for some answers.

I’m sorry. I was under the assumption that your son was already diabetic, Molly. I should pay more attention!

My brother has symptoms of hypoglycemia too. He is 6’3" 220 lbs and eats like a tiny bird. (not the regurgitating part, but the small portions part) I’ve asked him to check it out with the doctor, but he refuses. So, I gave him one of my old meters and had him test. Just after he drank a frappuccino, he was at 55. It seemed low to me, but it also seemed like his pancreas was rebounding due to the high amounts of sugar that he consumed.

I gave him some glucose tablets to keep on hand, but other than that, he seems fine.

He was also on some sort of supplements to make his body stronger- I think those are what’s messing up his system, but he refuses to come off of those too. I guess he’s a little pigheaded.

55 doesn’t seem too bad… my dad runs at an average 60 and never complains about any health issues.

We just got back from the Doctor’s office. He had a full blood panel done and we are going to wait for the results. Until then, he is to eat more protein and complex carbs also eat 6 small meals a day.
The Doctor is a little concerned just because he told her he was shakey and light headed before lunch also. We’ll see what the test results show. I’m just trying to not borrow trouble and wait.

Thanks again everyone