Hypo while making love

Don’t read this if your offended by sexual content. I wish to explain what happened and what led up to a very sever hypo.

Sunday afternoon, I spent over an hour making my mothers recipe for pork fried rice. When it was done, me and my BF got a bowl and sit on the couch to eat and watch a new music video mix I had made a few days before. Jimmy likes Shikira so I had included several of her videos in the mix. The first one was Shakira’s “She Wolf”, one that he liked and always got aroused watching. The third one was Shakira again, this time “Did It Again”, the one where she is having sex on the bed with Ft Kid Cudi. We both got aroused and started kissing and one thing let to another and he picked me up and carried me up to the bedroom where we made it for I don’t know how long. When the hypo started, I was in the drivers seat, looking down at him and suddenly a large bright spot appeared before my eyes. At first I thought it was the passion of the moment, then I realized I was having a major hypo and I didn’t have long before I would be unconscious. I rolled off, and fell off the bed screaming help me. He jumped up and asked me what was wrong, should he call 911? I told him it was a hypo I needed my bag with glucose quick. He ran downstairs and got my bag and found the glucose tabs. I told him to give me 4 of them one at a time. After I had chewed up 4 tabs, I told him to get me a glass of water. I sipped some water and lay back on the bed to wait for recovery. When I could almost see normal again, I asked for another glucose tab for insurance, I chewed it and asked for my meter. I tested and it was 64, that was after 20-25 minutes and 4 glucose tabs. I must have been much lower before. I was feeling better, that was when I noticed Jimmy kneeling next to the bed, buck naked and I was naked also. I asked him if he would have remembered to put on some clothes if he had called 911 and if he would have dressed me? We both got a big laugh out of that mental picture.

After I looked at my bowl of food, I had eaten only about 1/4 of it and had injected insulin for the whole bowl. That was what caused the hypo. I was lucky this time, another lesson in living with a man. Never interrupt a meal, even for sex, after you have injected insulin.

That’s scary, but a little funny to be naked and hypoglycemic. Haha, I am VERY glad you came out to be OK though!! Good advice—never interrupt a meal, even for sex, hahaha.

Oh noooo, I used to sleep in the ‘buff’ and I started to get shocking might hypos, I have had several occasions where the medics have arrived and brought me round…only for me to realise that I was buck naked (embarassed face) needless to say I now wear something whenever I go to bed LoL. What’s worse is that (in an unrelated incident) one of those who attended me in the nude, had to attend me the other day and remembered ha ha ha (blushes).
Glad you’re ok though.

diabetes and love ???