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I dono if you are like me or no, but i suffer from severe Hypo symptoms. I start feeling it when my BG is 80. Is it the same for you. I usually panik specially when i see that there is active insulin. I take25 grams of cup of juice but it doesnt go easily. I feel drained and a roller coaster as if im falling from a high bulding. It really scares me when i have hypo. I am on midtronic 722. Any tips.



If you experience 80 mg/dL as very low then your average blood glucose value is to high. What number does your freestyle meter calculate as a 14 day average?

There are options to cope with the hypo faster: I would always take glucose tabs to catch the low in a predictable way (to prevent overeating). In addition you can instruct your pump to set a temporary basal rate that is 30% lower than normal for 30 minutes stop the feeling of a free fall.

Thank you for your reply, my HB1C is 7.5 and my avarage on the Freestyle is 180, which is not very high! The problem is that i feel the Free fall feeling for a Looong time, about half an hour even though i have 4-6 Gulocouse tablets. So the question is really how much time do you experience the free fall and the other symptoms of the Hypo?

Do you know how long your bolus insulin works in your body to lower BG?
For instance if my BG is normal 2 hours after I eat I am in big trouble because insulin drops me like a rock the 3rd and 4th hours after bolus. So a normal at 2 hours means I need a bit more carbs then I would need to treat and actual low. Tracking the rate of how insulin works in you will help you feel more secure and maybe treat more conservative at times and more aggressive at times.

I don’t have much symptoms at 80 when it is not dropping fast even though my 2 hr post meal readings are high. However I get symptoms whenever I drop at the extreme rate I can but I have learned to let it go. I can drop from a 300BG 2 hr post meal to 70 in an hour that I will feel but I don’t over treat anymore cause I have learned when my bolus is going to stop. I just eat a tiny bit to get rid of the symptoms so I don’t panic into an over treat.

You may want to meter your BG and hour after you eat and then every hour until you see your bolus not bringing down your BG. Doing this a few times might reveal a trend that will help you feel more secure. So mine looks like this.
1 hr spike
2hr spike
3hr drop
4hr drop but a bit less then the 3rd hour
5 hr drop but a bit less then 4th hr
6 no drop
That tells me any low or normal BG 1, 2 or 3hr marks I might get into serious trouble. A low at 4 or 5 hrs only requires a bit of tweaking.

Please note because of other diseases I have my diet is no where diabetic friendly so you can avoid post meal spikes by having a more diabetic friendly diet then I.

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Talk with your endo about this problem and ask him what you need to do to get your a1c or average closer to the normal range. Good luck

Just a clarification: I meant glucose tabs plus the option to lower the basal rate. An option for pumpers with very good control and an glucose average of lets say 110 mg/dL. These have a very small target area and the lowered basal rate will help to compensate moderate physical activity after experiencing a low. In Bebo’s case the average is so high that I would not recommend to temporary change the basal rate to treat a low.

“I start feeling it when my BG is 80”

This is more due to the fact that the reading is from the capillaries in your fingers, there is a time delay between what is there and what is circulating else where i.e. you could be 60 in your central circulation or less depending on how fast you are crashing.


Thank you that was the best reply i had it made alot of scence to me…