my doctor the other day told me that i have at least a few more years of horrible control like this before i see major complications.

i am constantly thinking that every little pain i have is a stroke, that every blur of my vision is my eyes going blind, that it’s all falling apart… and i wonder how much more my body can really take before i get better control.

Hi there! I am not an expert when it comes to diabetes and all it’s complications… I responded to your blog because of the title hypochodriac… just want you to know that you are not alone… I’ve been a hypochondriac for 14 years now, long before I was diagnose with diabetes… I developed panic attack because of hypochondria… the doctors told me that… Me, myself could control it… check my blog about hypochondria… All we could do now is take control and fight!
Take care and be well…

Start slowly, trying to add insulin any time you see it’s over 250 (that’s what my doctor told me when I started). Or if you don’t want to take more insuline just hve some exercise. Even If I have a good control I’m always frightened whenever i see it’s higher than usual. yuo’re not the only one that is frightened and I’m here to listen.Take care, Ale x