Hypoglycemia: how do you control your inner TyrannoHypoglycemia OverCorrectus Rex?

For a breif time, I was courting M&M peanut: the full meal deal, 1.5g C per unit, with a dash of protein, & fat! Which was the downfall. And in the midst of the hunt, metric conversion, time delay, I’d fumble the 1.5g/unit conversion striving for only 10 total. Two fistfulls, in 4mins, my carb accountant was never happy with the 60min later result, strongly recommend an alternate technique! Oh dear, seems funny to me now!

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I have a question for those of you who use only glucose tablets for your lows. Do you need to follow it up with a small snack consisting of a few carbs and protein? If I treat a low with just glucose tablets my sugar drops back down an hour later unless I have that Little snack once my sugar gets back to normal.

There is no single formula that works for everyone, every time. Even a single person may vary treatment to match the unique needs of each situation. I don’t use a follow-up snack when treating hypos, but that’s me. Seems like you’ve found system that works for you. I would let your meter and/or CGM help you judge your hypo treatment system.

I think the metric to judge would be any treatment that quickly brings your glucose level into the normal range and then it stays there, going neither hyper nor hypo in the near term.

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I use Skittles but don’t follow the 15g followed by 15 minutes thing. I start with half that and add a tablespoon of cottage cheese, cream cheese or another fat/protein to extend the rise. I also have never had the raging hunger. No sweating nor shakes either. My lows always start with a spacey head and tingling lips. It usually takes longer than 15 minutes for me to rise to a safe level. However, I do sweat with nighttime lows and then frequently can’t find my way around my own room. Control IQ has been a fabulous help in avoiding those nighttime lows.


Followup snack: I find that I do get a better post recovery result, if I have NOT awoken the beast & over-corrected, but have raised my level back to stable trending, & followup with some cheese, crackers & food bolus. I use this protocol especially during middle of the night episodes.

I must be the odd one out here. I’m terribly difficult when I’m low I don’t want to eat anything. It’s when I’m high that I crave everything in the kitchen.

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I have found the exact opposite. The G6 beeps that I am low, so I eat my 15 carbs. Then what seems like two minutes later, it is beeping again, telling me that I am still dropping low. My tendency is then to eat more, especially in the middle of the night. I just want the $#@% thing to SHUT UP and to let my husband and me sleep. If the G6 did not keep beeping every few minutes, I would be fine. But when it keeps beeping, I overeat and then climb on the roller coaster. When I AM being rational, I will take just one of my “low cups.” I take those little plastic cups – I think they are designed to take a little salad dressing in a lunchbox – and I fill each with 15 Skittles which are 15 carbs. One cup, and I should be good to go… if the lousy G6 would just shut up!

@Robyn I had read it’s not uncommon to get hungry with a high as you aren’t utilizing the food you ate because you don’t have insulin to do so. (maybe it just hasn’t kicked in yet.) So they have said some people get hungry because they think they still need food for energy. I just never feel anything when I’m high.

@SherryAnn, that repeat beeping is very annoying because you do feel like you’re supposed to eat again. I switched mine to not beep again for 30 minutes. Pros and cons to that of course.

You don’t eat dessert?

How do you change the alert timing on the G6? I did not find an area where I could do that. Please let me know!

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On the pump follow the menu path:
[OPTIONS] / My CGM / CGM Alerts / High and Low.
Within each parameter definition is a field: [Repeat].

Selectable ( Radio button) parameters to choose from ( Never) up to (5 hrs).

Within the G6 Dexcomv android app, it is at the top of the menu. ; path is [Settings] / [CGM Alerts]. within each high& low parameter can adjust the reminder timing.

Desert depends. If you’re questioning desert after main MEAL, & BEFORE T. OverCorrectus Rex has put me at the bread box, the answer is: sometimes.
It is a good question, extra desert carbs might help prevent the hypo that caused the event!).
If the question is no desert? AFTER the contents of bread box have been consumed, & splinters of the box are stuck in my teeth… (!!), the answer is: practically always! That first bag of bite size mini brownies is very often the first to go!! :joy:

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This post made me LOL. I can definitely relate. I did it more in the beginning (20 yrs ago), but have learned the hard way about [what I refer to as] “Eating the Kitchen”. I do use Skittles. I purchase the small “Fun Size” bags and keep those with me 24/7. The little pouches are easy to fold over to save for later if I don’t need all at one time. I learned something reading your posts today - I did not know you should eat protein with the sugar for a low? (peanut butter, cottage cheese, cheese) None of those seem to “pair well” with Skittles - LOL. @Willow4 mentioned “extend the rise”. I’m not sure I’ve ever heard about doing that (in 20 yrs!) I love learning new things. Thanks to everyone, and especially @VJ454 for initiating the hilarious and all too relatable post.

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@SherryAnn Hopefully @VJ454 answered you if you have a pump. I don’t have a pump connected to mine. I have an iphone and you go to settings, to the low alert arrow and that will take you to the page of the level you set it at but also how often to repeat.

On the reader go to the menu and select alerts, touch low and it will take you to the page you set the alert at and how often to repeat,

Unfortunately, even mild gastroparesis messes with all the rules, or there are no rules. I dropped below 40 last night, ate a 5gm peppermint and continued to drop. 45 minutes or so after, I ate another peppermint, which after another hour got me up to 150. 10gm raised my reading as much as I expect 30gm would. But hey, I only lost two hours of sleep and didn’t set off the high alarm. :woozy_face:


If your local store is out of corn flakes and peter pan peanut butter you will know I have had a low. Its a well known fact.


Thanks for the help. I have an OmniPod pump and an iPhone. I have adjusted settings, so hopefully that will help. I am a bit confused, though, since I had my CGM set to alert me at 70, yet yesterday it started going crazy when I hit 73. It should not have alarmed. I also have that it should NEVER re-alarm, yet it does quite often. I am working with a new endocrinologist, and I am not happy with his idea of “normal” since he seems to think that being over 200 after a meal is just fine. I like tighter control than that while still being able to go on with life. I will keep trying to adjust to get to where I want to be. Thanks for the response!

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I’ve been battling that monster for 55 years. I’ve also been on an insulin pump for twenty years. I did find a little secret that helps keep me from the battle insulin pump wise. My tissue around the infusion site, which are moved to many different areas stops absorbing the insulin correctly at rather random times between 24 and 48 hours. When this happens my bloodsugar spikes with a 3 arrow rise until I can change the infusion site or directly inject insulin.
The scary ride up is not a carb rise but a glucagon ride. If when change my infusion set immediately I have to not bolus for the glucagon because it’s gone out of my bloodstream 30 minutes later no insulin required. That keeps me from a terrible low after the glucagon fades.

For hypoglycemia, I take 8 to 12 gms of glucose tabs that I set aside for the event. I feel like devouring the entire pantry when I go low but I force myself to eat yucky glucose tabs and wait. 30 minutes or longer. It helps keep the TRex sleeping.

@SherryAnn If you don’t hit the button acknowledging the high or low, it will re alarm. Also very annoying is when you are floating at your set alarm level. So say it’s 70, you drop to 69 then go back up to 71 and back down to 69, even if it’s 5 minutes later it will re alarm.

BTW, I don’t care if I hit 70, and I feel fine at 65. But I don’t like to be below 65 so I set my alarm at 80 so I have time to boost it before I drop in the ranges I don’t like. It means the alarm goes off easier though and you might not like that.

The Endos have their ranges they like. I have my ranges I like and I don’t change them to their likes. My TIR is great, so mine has told me a couple of times now “my A1c is a little low but I am doing great” and that’s all she has said about my numbers over the past year.

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You should download the HappyBob app @Marie20

It’s set up to notify you (on phone and Smart watches) whenever your BG drops below 72 or above 125. Minimal sound, so you can change your Dex alarm levels and still be warned.

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