Hypoglycemic Unawareness Sucks

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Hypoglycemia unawareness: A complication of diabetes in which the patient is unaware of a deep drop in blood sugar because it fails to trigger the secretion of epinephrine which generates the characteristic symptoms of hypoglycemia (such as palpitations, sweating, anxiety) that serve to warn the patient of the dropping blood glucose.

Just tested at 39 with no idea I was that low. I started to feel a little funny and thought I would be in the high 50’s, or more likely 60’s. I had potatoes for Easter dinner tonight and I usually tank a bit after them. I even underdosed on the insulin to allow for the spike and then fall to normal. Guess I didn’t underdose enough. Thankfully I was already at work. Although that pry means I was driving in the 40’s to get here. Not fun.

I’ve had HU from the day I was diagnosed, which makes testing…


Tell me about it! It seems to be a little understood problem in the clinic where I live - as is a lot of things - I have had to change to a hospital 45 miles away to try to get some better support!

Why does it always happen when we are in the middle of something important, like in company - with people who do not understand or who do not want to understand! All my sister is was bothered about when I had a bad one in front of her and we went to a sushi restaurant was that my face was sweating and it did not look nice! Actually it was not surprising that I was hypo, we walked a long way in San Francisco - which as some will know is extremely hilly!

The good thing about Sushi is that you can start to eat immediately and there is sugar in the rise - and it is usually low fat! It took me about 8 portions to get back to normal!

I have had some funny incidents with it though - coming to at supermarket checkouts with some really weird things in my hand - opened and partly consumed - that I do not like usually, or would never normally consider eating. I once came out with an open box of sugar cubes. Have no idea how I got those, but I must have needed them!