Hypothermic <i>Again</i> -- Seriously

I think waking up into a cold night, not wanting to leave the warm covers for a trip to the bathroom, is a pretty normal experience. I don’t think shivering under layers of warm blankets is – unless one is running a significant fever.

Getting out of the blankets and having the shivering degrade into convulsions is definitely not normal. Shivering, feeling unable to write or test, gulping for air – even cold air – trying to regain control of one’s movements… scary. Blood glucose was 96 – normal. I don’t trust the oral temperature measurement – I’d been gulping too much cold air – but 94.1F is still very, very scary. Axillary temperature was an ultralow 95.1F, after I’d done some significant moving around, shivering, and almost convulsing with cold – suggesting that my core temperature might have honestly dropped below 96F and into clinical hypothermia. To top it off, my blood pressure rose to an alarming 172/111, while maintaining a normal pulse rate of 62. Fortunately, at 4AM, The Other Half had not yet turned in for the morning, and was able to fetch me some hot cocoa. Even so, my blood pressure did not want to sink lower than 152/99. This is significantly elevated, even for me.

While the apartment was chilly last night, and the outside weather was (unseasonably) cold and damp, in no way should it have been sufficient for a normal person to go hypothermic.

A half hour later, after switching around the blankets (placing the electric blanket closer to me, instead of on top of the duvet) and bringing the heating level to the highest I felt safe using, I was still a bit too chilled and a bit too scared to easily fall back asleep.

The alarm woke me at 8AM with an oral temperature of 96.1F and an axillary of 95.7F, with somewhat elevated blood pressure, and chilled. My blood glucose was a normal 92. (When I don’t rise completely and take something, I’ll wake up in the one-teens.) I’m still quite tired, but I’m not sure I can fall back asleep on this sunny a morning.

Because I’ve had a history of being significantly chilled in barely-chilly environments, I suspect thermoregulatory issues could be the primary cause of the hypertension and diabetes – but the very complete pathophysiology book I purchased shortly after diagnosis is very silent on the idea of primary organic hypothermia.

I’m tired, I’m scared, and only the sunlight and a warm robe are stopping me from being chilled.

I can certainly feel for you folk who have severe overnight hypoglycemia and seizure hypoglycemia.

This is something that I will have to think on. Since I am not under a Dr’s care, I’ll have to figure out what to do. I wake up cold and sweaty almost every night. I dont test because of not having the spare strips to do extra testing. ugh… this stinks.
I’m with you on sitting n the sun and the extra wrap to get warm. I even spent $7.00 on 3 pair of nice big warm diabetic socks for my feet.
umm… I’m also dealing with menopause… I was blaming it all on that. maybe not now?