Hypothroidism - After Medication Do You Really Feel Better?

Hi All - I have been feeling really poorly for quite some time and progressively getting worse. My main complaint is extreme fatigue and trouble sleeping due to pain/restlessness in my legs, and aching muscles and joints. I toss and turn all night and wake up as tired as when I went to sleep. I also have almost every other symptom mentioned except for hair loss.

Since my symptoms are so generic I just attributed them to all of my health problems (Type 1 for 33 years, heart attack 2 years ago, 30% kidney function) and all of the medication I’m currently taking. BUT, I think it may be my thyroid that is causing these symptoms

I have 2 Questions: (1) When your doctor runs a “complete” metabolic panel of tests, do they check for thyroid function or is this a special test that I will need to ask for?

And, (2) After diagnosis and proper medication do you really start to feel better?

My quality of life is in the TOILET and I’m feeling really hopeless.

talk to your doc, YES ask them to check your thyroid, and see what the doc prescribes. All medicine takes a while to kick in. I normally can’t tell if it’s my thyroid or my diabetes, it’s like a connected problem.

I don’t think a “complete” metabolic panel of tests covers it as thyroid is a hormone issue, not really metabolism. You should definitely ask your doc to check your thyroid levels, it’s just 1 more vial of blood to give up. Plus, your doctor should know what you’re talking about as many Type 1’s also have hypothyroidism.

YES! You really do start to feel better. Before I was diagnosed, I was exhausted and in tears every 10 minutes for no reason at all, and I also had the hair loss going on. Anyways, it takes a few months, maybe more since the dosage isn’t always correct the first time, but it’s SO much better. My thyroid decided to freak out a few months ago and I started feeling crappy again. I didn’t think much of it, but when I saw my endo and he corrected my dosage it was like “Whoa! There really is a difference.”

Good luck and I hope it all works out for you!