Have most the symptoms for hypothyroid except weight gain. Tested TSH was 7.0 Endo says 40% T1s get it at some point. Anyone have insights, suggestions for foods to eat, alternatives to the meds?

My stance on Synthroid is that its only function is to replace a hormone that your body doesn't have--like insulin. It also can't be treated any differently than with medication.

In my opinion, just be happy the treatment is easy--once you get the right dose, it's just about remembering to take the pill!

TSH of 7.0 is pretty high out of range. I wouldn't be able to function !

Sorry I don't have alternatives, but have been taking synthroid/levoxyl for about 25 years.
I've heard the same, that it is common for T1s.

Why are you resistant to taking meds ? They are equivalent to the hormone you are missing.

I did switch to a different generic for a time (insurance), but found that it didn't work as well as the previous brand and switched back, for higher co-pay.

thanks for feedback. Thought the synthroid, like all drugs, would present lots of side effects. You guys make it sound so simplisitc. Thanks for teh tips.

I've been on Synthroid since my thyroid was destroyed by radiation nearly 20 years ago. No side effects. High or low thyroid? Lots of side effects!

TSH is very high. Often with hypothyroidism there are accompanying adrenal problems because low thyroid pushes the adrenals into overdrive to compensate.

There are foods to avoid with hypothyroidism--soy, cruciferous vegetables (cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, etc.).

Afraid there are no alternatives to meds. The best type of thyroid replacement is natural dessicated thyroid (Nature-Throid, Armour, ERFA), not Synthroid. Unfortunately, most endos push Synthroid to our detriment.

A wonderful site http://tiredthyroid.com & also http://www.naturalthyroidchoices.com/.

Synthroid is only synthetic T4. Our bodies convert T4 to T3, the usable hormone. Many have trouble converting T4 to T3. Natural thyroid contains T3.

It's not really that simple because it takes lots of testing to find the correct dose & a doctor who's willing to do the right tests & prescribe natural dessicated thyroid.

this is great info. my doc only tested T4 , which was normal and the TSH. I will see him and insist on the T3 test too. Is it uncommon to lose weight instead of gain?

Doctors start by testing TSH, but usually difficult to get them to do further labs. What's needed is Free T3 (fT3), Free T4 (fT4) & Reverse T3 (rT3). Do your homework before your appointment to make a case why these are needed.

What docs say is normal, rarely is. T4 should be in the mid-range & T3 in the upper third.

I'm hypothryoid from Hashimoto's Disease. I'm quite thin. Not everyone has every symptom.

I have been prescribed Synthroid since 1995 ...I received radiation for treating breast cancer in early 1985 .I recall 0.10 mg ; , went up to 0.125 and as off 3 ms ago I am prescribed 0.15 mg ...the latest blood test shows that I am in range .A follow up test , if prescribed meds a neccessity in my mind !! On the lab order it shows Free T3 , Free T4 ;I understand these tests used at diagnosis .My Hubby not living with diabetes was also diagnoesd in 1995 with low thyroid levels . A friend of mine has treated her over active thyroid by changing her meal plan ...latest report is , that she is feelig much better

My father's thyroid levels came back low after he was treated with radiation for throat cancer last year. My endocrinologist does the whole T3, T4, TSH bit on everyone. He also tests my thyroid antibodies every single time I go, even though they're consistently high...(maybe he's waiting for my body to quit trying to kill my thyroid, since it's obviously not working.)