I always forget the post title

Well, I hope everyone survived the holiday season relatively intact. I use the word “relatively” because we can’t choose our relatives and, honestly, are all these body parts really needed?

We managed to get thru the season here. Had a white Christmas, little freezing rain, a thunderstorm that had hellacious straight line winds and 60 degrees the day after Christmas.

My sugars ran high most of the weekend, but I know I was being conservative on carb counting and mealtimes were odd. My weekend numbers are always odd, stay up late, sleep in, consume a few lite beers and eat when I get around to it. I really need to get more consistent, hopefully I’ll get around to it sometime soon.

I saw Manny’s thread on Medtronic customer service, but didn’t get a chance to respond to it. I’ve been a customer for all of two months now and have had 4 separate episodes, a couple of the pretty serious. A couple were billing problems which got straightened out, tho I may start charging them for my time soon.

Of the more serious issues:

  1. The wrong parts were shipped on my initial order. The FDA recognize a document called GAMP (Generally Accepted Manufacturing Practices). Being a device manufacturer, the FDA requires them to be validated in all their procedures regarding manufacturing, inventory, shipments, and software usage and functionality. “Validated” means that all procedures are documented in SOP’s (Standard Operating Procedures) to ensure that the specifications in GAMP are met. Individuals are trained and must pass testing on the SOP’s for their jobs before they are allowed to do that function. In shipping, I believe, GAMP requires that shipments should be checked and signed off on by two individuals to make sure the proper items are shipped (at least that is what we do at our facility now). That obviously did not happen on my order. If they are using any type of bar coding, it would seem that the software allowed the the wrong items to be shipped.

  2. On these items. I called to set up a return. The exchange items were supposed to be there on Tuesday, when the didn’t arrive on Wednesday, I called in for a tracking number. They had NO RECORD the return order being placed. While the lady I spoke to about it was pretty appalled (I think anyway) and got me the parts on the next day, that situation should never have happened. They had logs showing that I had called the order line and had been transferred to returns, talked to that individual for a few minutes, but that was it, no notes, no return order, nothing.

Seriously, do I really need to worry about bird-dogging these guys constantly? It’s ok I guess, I don’t ever have anything to worry about… oh wait, I guess I do need to worry about being too sarcastic.

I guess I should give my new CDE a call so she can yell at me for not being as consistent as I needed to be over the holiday’s. Actually, she seems like a real sweetheart, I doubt she’d really yell at me. LOL, my dad was a Command Sargent Major in the Army (he was a lifer, WWII, Korea, retired in 1968) and one thing I learned from him is that there are two ways to yell at people. One way is to explain to them why they were an idiot in a very calm, yet assertive way that makes them feel about 2 years old when you’re done. The other way is the more traditional yelling and screaming. Which one works best is really based on the individual being yelled at. Some peeps are just too dense for the first method and yelling is really the only way to get their attention.

We got my daughter and iPod Touch for Christmas and my son got a Wii. The Wii is a blast, I really recommend it. You can even work up a good sweat using it. It came with the Wii Sports games, they were a lot of fun, kinda anxious to see what some of the other games are like.

Happy New Year’s!

Scott: Sounds like you live where I do. We had that kind of strange weather in Milwaukee this holiday. In fact, yesterday it was in the 20s and now it says 40!! Since I am kind of housebound because of all the snow obstructing the sidewalks and access to bus stops and the streets, I don’t go out unless I have to and then I use paratransit.

Had a nice holiday, too. Although, I was in a lot of pain from a fall (actually, TWO falls) I took this week and, of course, landed on my arthritic knee. But a few puppy kisses helped the pain abate a little.

My problem is also with my DME provider for the pump. Medicare won’t pay but a BARE MINIMUM for the supplies and my local DME supplier won’t supply them AT ALL. So, therefore, I have to go to a place (In Illinois, I think). They won’t ship anything to me without payment up front and I don’t have $400 per month to handle that. I don’t know what I am going to do!!! At least the supplier is “in-Network” and, so, I will get a portion of my money back; but I don’t know what I’ll do til that starts happening. I will have to submit claims and you know how long insurance companies can be. Right now, I have enough 6 changes (18 days or more if I spread it more than every 3 days). I get my BG testing supplies from another mail order place and have experienced quite a screw up with them not sending enough and THEN trying to explain what drums the AccuChek lancet uses. I actually fired them once but they were persistent and now they behave themselves. Take courage, though, where there’s a human, there’s a screw-up waiting to happen. Most usually learn from their glitches.

Well, ending now. This small print on my monitor is driving my eyes buggy:)!!