I am 11 days old today, how old are you?

I was diagnosed 11 days ago at 8:55 a.m. That’s when I was re-born. Yes, I had technically turned 36, 9 days earlier but that didn’t matter any more. My life was going to be different as of 8:56. The doctor had given me tons of pamphlets, prescriptions, and warnings. I heard him, but didn’t understand him. I went into my autopilot mode of “getting it done”. When I got to work I signed up to TuDiabetes after a co-worker sent me the link. The next evening I went and got my eyes checked as he recommended, called my GP to make a follow up appointment for the following week, started a file at my closet pharmacy, got my One Touch Ultra Mini that weekend after doing my research. Mind you, I was still on auto-pilot. Like a diet, we all say, “Okay, I’m going to start on Monday!” At 7 a.m., I loaded my OTU and broke down in tears, shaking beyond belief about having to prick myself 4-5 times a day for a long time until I get a handle on things…possibly for the rest of my life. MORE TEARS! I was finally off my auto-pilot.

My sanity saver was TuDiabetes and all the fantastic people I found here!! I don't know what I would have done without them all; they were essential to me surviving my first week. And I am so appreciative!

I came to a realization this weekend, my health will dictate what I do and don't do, but it doesn't have to be a bad thing. It will be all about moderation, consistency, and taking things 1 day at a time. I learn something new every day about myself and this disease, and there's a lot to learn! The one thing that I realized is that procrastination is an excuse of the past, all those little things I've wanted to try, why not do them. The savings account I wanted to start so I can travel more, get the financial advise needed to do it! It's always said, "If you don't have your health, you don't have anything!"

So, my question to you is, "How old are you and what is your life resolution since being diagnosed?"

4 months… but it’s really hard for me to have dreams, right now… I don’t have a job, and it makes life so constrained… I lost my unemployment a few weeks ago, and the constant stress and worrying are beginning, again. There are just no jobs, anywhere… Not even crappy jobs… For now, I keep on autopilot, and my dream is to have a job, and have insurance… sigh

I’m 6 months old and don’t always do what I’m supposed to do. First 3 months I followed everything faithfully, to the point the doctor said I was still losing weight and needed to gain some back. The last 3 months I have gained weight and am struggling to keep more from coming back. Having to test, inject, eat, test, etc etc is my new normal. But my life resolution is to keep being me and still doing the things that I love to do.

Perhaps because I wasn’t diagnosed until age 58 (and was initially misdiagnosed as Type 2) I just don’t think this way. My life didn’t begin with diabetes. I had a whole rich multi-experience world and life long before diabetes came along. And I will have a rich and varied life with diabetes. I retired just weeks after my diagnosis (no cause and effect, the retirement had been worked and planned for before the diagnosis came along). I only teach part time now. This was both a good thing and a not so good thing for my integration of diabetes into my life. When I realized there was somethingnot right with my Type 2 diagnosis I began a frantic search to figure out what was going on and then a subsequent process of getting on the right treatment. This took all my time and energy and I was very grateful to have the free time to devote to this and not to have to try and focus on work. But now, 2 1/2 years in I’m finding my life TOO focused on diabetes. I check this and my other site often several times a day. I think and talk about diabetes pretty constantly. I’ve become one-dimensional! And the bottom line is it is no longer necessary. I still plan on testing 8-10 times a day and taking MDIs and corrections and working to find recipes I both enjoy and get good bg results from. But, life goes on and diabetes is not life, but only one part of it. So no, I’m not 2 1/2 years old. I wasn’t born when I was diagnosed. I’m 61 and for me diabetes is just one of many stops along the path of my life.

Oh Lizmari,

I’m sorry to hear that. I can see how that can put a damper on activities, and of course the stress of having this disease. Ugghh! I’ll keep my fingers and toes crossed for you. :wink:


Hehehe, I think that’s going to be my new normal as well. :slight_smile:

Sounds like you’ve done a lot in your life, and now that you’re partially retired you can enjoy those aspects as well. Good for you, Zoe! You were initially misdiagnosed? What were you diagnosed with/as?

That’s fantastic, Danny!! Is there anything you want to do now, not even diabetes will stop you?


I was misdiagnosed as Type 2 diabetic, sweet, when I am actually LADA/1.5 (slow onset Type 1). 10-20% of type 2’s are actually LADA, many docs just think if you are older and weren’t in DKA than you are Type 2.

I’m 12 days diagnosed as of today (and 38 years old). Although, technically the Doctor sent me the letter 17 days ago - I’m not very good at opening mail :slight_smile: It was a Wednesday evening, and I was literally heading out the door for a dinner date with my husband when I noticed a letter from our clinic. I said, “Oh, looks like my lab results are in.” Had my jacket and my boots on when I opened it. And all I could do for a minute was stand there and say, “oh ■■■■, oh ■■■■, oh ■■■■.”

I bought a cheap meter on Friday and I’ve been testing up to 10 times a day since. Because I am going to be on top of this. That’s my resolution, I guess.

I started investigating me and diabetes a year ago, when I noticed extreme lethargy after meals. So I’ve been making a point to cut carbs and avoid “extra” sugar for many months. I used to put 6 spoonfuls of sugar in a 16 oz mug of coffee, but I got it down to 2 by last spring. I’ve lost 20 lbs and I’m starting to panic that I’m never going to stop losing weight. I know I won’t get much sympathy complaining about that, but I feel like my bones are jutting out, my pants are always falling off of me.

I am having a hard time keeping to less than 30 carbs a meal. We are a family of picky eaters, and maintaining calories is proving to be difficult. I’m scheduled to see a dietician, so maybe that will help.But ultimately, I’m still feeling okay about the diagnosis.

The only downer for me was that I was looking for private healthcare so I could quit my job and write full time. But that won’t be happening now. I can make peace with that - I’m really lucky, I get healthcare but only have to work 3 days a week. It’s just that those 3 days include every other weekend, and I am sick of working weekends.


I’m almost 25 Months old.
I never had an ‘autopilot’ because my brother had had diabetes for several years before I was diagnosed. I came home from the hospital, with still sky rocketing blood sugars and cried all night. I had come to an immediate realization that life as I knew it was over.
It was true.
I have had major fluctuations in my A1c’s and the lowest I have ever had was 8.7 and I thought my doctor was going to fall off of his chair.
I now am striving for a below 7 A1c and I test 9-10 times a day, inject 5-9 times, workout twice a day and eat all organic :slight_smile:

Wow, I want a job like that… lol

38 (diagnozed 13 years ago)

to enjoy life