I am a drowning guinea pig today

I was going to post my problem in the forums here in Tudiabetes - but decided - what the heck - having a hypo here - my mind is whirling away with brilliant flowering lanuage - why the heck not blog about it - WARNING - there is talk about liquorice in my blog - if you are like me - LOVE the stuff - try not to drool too much. For those of you who hate the stuff - then it won't effect you.

Here’s a snippet below of what you can further read at this link -

“I wrote up a blog a few weeks - about taking a rest from testing my fingers (My Porky Pigs Fingers are tired). Well, Doris a frequent poster here posted a reply and she pointed out - which I didn’t know about - and I quote - “Please just remember that using any place other than your fingers is less than accurate due to proximity to the heart”. Lordy, lordy - this is news to me about the heart bit effecting my blood sugar readings when I test - I feel like Jethro from The Beverly Hillbillies . I mean here in Canada not having the use of the Joslin Institute that some of you are fortunate enough to have makes me feel quite inadequate to say the least. Sigh.”

in peru they eat guinea pigs!

Ha…Here in Canada Guinea Pigs rule the government! (Ooops…did I say that??)