I am a klutz! Anybody else?

I was changing my pod today and had an occurance that happens more than I care to admit! I was 1/2 way through the change and about to put the new pod on myself, on my arm today, when I mishandled the pod and the adhesive base got stuck to itself,…couldnt get it unstuck, so I wasted a pod and had to start all over again. With the second pod, I had not disabled the first, when I was about to prime and …it all just became a mess! Pls tell me I am not the only buffoon this happens too!

Sorry, Stevie D…you are propably the only one.

lol… ohhhh… that’s nothing… that’s happened to me about… ohhh… let’s seeee… at least 25 times and that’s the LEAST of my mishaps. Best to laugh at ourselves and move on!!! :slight_smile:

Thank you thank you THANK YOU JANET!!! Yes…you couldnt be more on target, just laugh, and say “ok, next time I iwll do it perfectly!” Really elaine!? This has never happened to you? How long have you been a podster?

Just want to make sure you understand, Janet, I dont think you are a buffoon, like me!

Well, OK, maybe once but I am generally very graceful (as I sit with a huge scratch from bumping into something right where a pod would have been had I placed one there.)

oh! so NOW the truth comes out! You ARE a klutz! albeit a graceful one!

I’m a “buffoon”, “klutz” and I trip over my own feet. My husband says that’s why he loves me… I keep him laughing!!!

If there is a klutz op, I am there.

How funny Steve, I do that all the time. Just did it yesterday, we should start a club.

We can start with a TU group…Klutz’s on the Pod.

Thats why my wife stays with me! She tthinks I just have a great sense of humor and fake tripping and falling all the time (a la Chevy Chase) and when I tell her …“That just actually happened, I wasnt fooling around!” and the answer is “nobody is THAT uncoordinated, honey!”

I sort of did it once. I had a pod refuse to beep so I started up a new one with fresh insulin. When I went to prime, the “bad” pod which wouldn’t beep actually primed and the one I wanted to use didn’t. I had to have my daughter take the “bad” one and my PDM to another room and stop it. Then I was able to start the “good” one.

No, you are not alone. When you look up klutz in the dictionary, you will find my picture there.

just did that Brad…no picture of you. Just my name in Bold print.