I am an intermedate runner needing to choose a new pump

I have beena hobby runner for quiet a few years now, my longest runs were 10k couple time a weeks. I am more interested in running a 10k or 1/2 marathone in june. I am in a training group right now for this and the time has come for me to get a new pump. My first pump was minimed that I wore for 10 years. Omnipod is coming to canada in july so I am concidering waiting for one of those even tho they may not be able to bring a CGM system with them just yet. Minimed seeam to hold the market on that. ( I think the others may be waiting for a patent to run out in Canada just a guess) Wondering what your opinions are on running with the different pumps? Any help weighting a decision would be wonderful. Thanks so much.

I’ve been running with a Minimed Paradigm for 3.5 years. I wear my pump on all my runs. About once per year in the hot summer months, I get a “Button Error” and the pump stops working. Minimed always overnights a new pump. Best explanation for the error is the moisture from my sweaty shirts. One of the errors occurred after getting caught in a pop up showers in the middle of a 10 mile run. It’s an inconvenience but Minimed has always supported them.