I am doing better with the metformin...so far!

I don’t have that much of a need to snack on foods…but, perhaps I am also mending my ways…and trying to “work with the meds”…either way… I am a LOT better than I was before…
I do have headache pain…but, a LOT of it is due to a couple of toothaches that I have been dealing with…they hurt a LOT!!
and one in particular…I have to keep taking Ibprofin…I can’t stand the toothpain…I have been in this situation with tooth pain in the last ten years…it is soooooo NOT fun!!!

I also have diarrhea from the metformin…sorry if I was too “descriptive” there…but, at least I am honest about this! LOL!!!

Other than this…I am alright…so, far ,so good…I do take a LOT more naps than that of a “normal” person…I think that having headaches and some nausea from the “number 2’s” makes me want to sleep more! God! Sometimes I feel that all I ever do is SLEEP!!! LOL!!
But, Hey! The dreams are wonderful…(and if having great dreams is bad to some people…well, hey…maybe you need to UP your dream life a smidge!! I am havin’ a ball!) ROFL!!!

Besides…I think that it’s supposed to be very, very good for us to get more naps in …it ages us less I think to have more naps…and helps rejuvinate our bodies…so that we can be MORE productive!!!

(I also read an article about napping !!!)

Well, just wanted to stick in my two cents worth…hope this helps!!

Be happy!!! nap more, eat dark chocolate, drink red wine, laugh more, hug more…and love MORE!!!



Tooth aches are the pits…I can probably tolerate most pains with the exception of tooth aches. Dentists can be your worse fear…but turns angels during a tooth ache. =)
Glad your doing better with your metformin…headaches, nausea and diarrhea are the common side effects.
Love the nap suggestion…I also take power naps sometimes. personally, it does help to rejuvenate.