I am finally doing it!

For ten years I have had a hell of a battle. Nothing from the get go has worked and I mean I have tried almost everything and a combo of those together. Well finally I got a animas ping yeah alright. Well it still in the 300-400 range. Getting no where and my endo out on maternity leave and 3 hours away I am getting frustrated to say the least. If not for my good friend Suzanne on here I would have lost it.

I finally got in with my Dr.'s stand in and he prescribed glucovance to go along with my pump. I am thinking oh boy I have taken it before it did not work. It isn’t going to now either. Well I did not have a pump to go along with it then either. I almost immediately worked and has been since. Yay!!!

My sugars has went from like 389 normally to 121 normally. How is that for good? I just could burst with pride. I take a lot of insulin grant it. I change my cartridge everyday and take 3 glucovance pills a day but it is worth it. Plus I see my regular endo next month to see if she wants to tweak it.

Congratulations!! I am happy for you :slight_smile: Yay

woot! that’s awesome, Cathy!

Great news Cathy!

Cathy - I am so glad to hear that this is working! Doesn’t that feel good! Almost like you should pinch yourself it might be a dream! Congrats!

Glad to hear things are on the up for you. Hang in there!

Thanks for the awesome support everybody. This is what makes this place awesome it is family pulling together.


Thanks a lot. I really do plus I feel like I am finally doing something right. For the longest I always blamed myself and felt like I was always doing something wrong, even though I knew really I wasn’t.

congrats on the numbers.

always happy when you can get it lower. being diabetic is such a pita. aint it?