I Am Going On The Record That I Am Not Happy About This "A Diabetes Tidbit"

As our children become young adults they will make choices that we are not always happy about and our 20 year old son Patrick has made a choice that I am not particularly happy about.

Check out this weeks diabetes tidbit and see what has me scared!


A motorcycle like that clearly calls for a tattoo!

Oh boy Julie, one of my nightmares, and my kids don't have D!

ar, if you weren't a parent I might say you're a parent's nightmare LOL

Julie, I think a lot of parents do not want their kids riding motor cycles, diabetic or not. However, look at it as your young man flying and spreading his wings to soar..He Is growing up. He took the responsibility to save up to get his own cycle; has been trained by his dad, and passed the motorcycle driver's license test... Let him fly. He appears to not limit his life decisions nor define himself by his diabetes. I suggest that neither should you. Think about the parents of the military young men and women who have been deployed to the Middle East during the past 9-10 years..They really had a lot to be concerned about as well; and their children were about your son's age..
I will pray for his protection and provision, and for your peace, my dear.

Yes. kids will do things you do not agree with..but that is part of them growing up.

God Bless,

God bless,

God bless,

Brunetta, Yes I do love that he doesn't limit what he can do by his diabetes, and he does try to make me feel better by being careful,taking safty classes and being responsible. So I am trying to give him room on this so he can enjoy it even though i am scared to death.

And the tattoo will probably follow he probably wants to spring one thing at a time on me!