I am going to try the flat belly diet Diabetes

I went to the library and I stumble upon this book. I have been workout for the past four mos. after having a baby seven mos ago. I have lost at least 2 in all around, but the pounds are not coming off! So I have decided that i will give this a try and see how it goes. It looks like is not that complicated! Has anyome tried it? what are your thoughts about it? and if you tried it did you like the results?

I don't know the diet you are talking about but i have a fool proof diet that always works for everyone.

You make a plate of food that you would normally eat. It does not matter what it is.

Just your usual food. This way there is no new type of prep you need to learn.

Then you take another plate and move half of the food to the new plate.
Put the plate in the fridge for tomorrow.
Eat your food.

Guaranteed results with no complicated recipies or methods.!

From what i read so far on this book. Is that it helps with the good cholesterol, fat surrounding the belly and also controlling the BG. It only changes the fats we ingest. The food is pretty much what i normally buy.

I'll stick to the Weight Watchers diets. They also control fats closely, and they've worked for me. Plus they work well with Diabetes. And, yes it's time for me to get back into the diet too. :)