I am h aving trouble getting my blood sugar count down

Hi I am new and thought someone out there must have suggestions on getting blood sugar down . . . any suggestions would be helpful.

if you’re simply using oral medications, try focusing on increasing your exercise and adjusting your diet. you can also talk to your doctor about alternate medicines (like going on insulin, using byetta or symlin, etc). hope they get down soon! i know it can be really frustrating sometimes!

Go to http://www.alt-support-diabetes.org/NewlyDiagnosed.htm. That is probably the single best page of advice for anyone who needs to get better BG control, even if they are not new to diabetes. Basically it says to start by cutting way back on carbs and test frequently to find out how different foods affect you. I am sure other people will have other suggestions. Good luck!

exercise - try riding a bike, i rid for about an hour and it useally drops

Definitely check out the page Libby cited. Literally hundreds of people report using that advice to drop their A1cs from as high as 13% down into the 5% range.

Excerise and watch your carb intake