I am here, if you need me!

Today I had the pleasure of reading Leann’s personal blog! I have always been the type of person to say “Why don’t they care about their Diabetes?” and after reading her blog I decided to say, What can I do to help you with your diabetes? Her blog reminded me “You never know what’s going on in someone else’s life”.
If you need someone to talk to about your diabetes or have questions!I am here for you and if I don’t have the answer I will try my best to get it for you.
We should stop playing the blame game and stop assuming people don’t care about their Diabetes. Who knows maybe they need education or need a diabetic buddy to help them out! I am willing to be a Diabetic Buddy, if you need one.
Thank you Leeann for my wake up call!!!


Hey diabetic buddy sounds like it could be a good program. Maybe we should check with Manny about starting something like that. Have people volunteer to talk with newly diagnosed or newly joined diabetics in the group. Would be a great support system.

That’s a great idea. I am very willing to be a Diabetic Buddy. Keep me posted and in the meantime I’m your unofficial diabetic buddy, LOL!


Great idea Cody!! Tudiabetes buddy program! LOL Andrea you are my diabetic buddy:) just like Cody and a few others LOL I think I have over 4,000 buddies

You always come with great ideas and you are very positive about everything.

Lee Ann is awesome! and count me in your buddy list, too, I’ve just sent you a friend request!

What is not to be positive about. I am still alive and kicking.

The jdrf has a mentor program like this, it has mainly been focused towards kids who are newly diagnosed, but my understanding is that they are planning on focusing on youngs adults as well.

Sounds good to me! I would love a Rocking Chair room!!! :slight_smile:

Or how about a recliner room!!! That sounds even better to me.

Wow, I’m honored that my blog post inspired you to start such a thread… and look at all the ideas being generated! It makes me a little sad that these kinds of resources weren’t available 20 and even 10 years ago when I so desperately could have used it, but it’s inspiring to see it now and brings me hope that fewer people in the future will feel as alone with this disease as many of us did back in the “old days”. Thanks for starting this discussion :slight_smile: