I am looking for a insurance

I was lucky enough to get an insulin pump from someone who upgraded hers know i need health insurance to have it done , can anyone give me help on this one

Dear Sandra…have gone through the same issues. The only insurance (less than 1,000s/mo or not at all) I could get after COBRA ran out…here in the States has been from a university. You may wish to check out your local offerings. I got insurance for $1,xxx/semester w/ minimal durable equipment allowance (only 1000/year!) but, at least it is insurance…covers hospital, $1500 of meds/year…etc. I too then looked elsewhere for my newest pump (522) and found someone who would donate their’s in a switch to the Omnipod. Medtronic wants money to switch the warranty…but, will do it. My pump is only 1 year old…so greatful to my friend in TX:) So…my advice is look to unusual places that HAVE to cover you if you are a member…a student, in this case:) I will be the “smartest” t1 when I get to old age! Good luck and be well:)

thank you patrick, I will look into that