I am new person gettting ready for the Insulin Pump with Gastroparsis

I am worried now, since the Endocronoligist said 1st I was not a normal Juvinile Diabetic and then after doing the test to see if I was eligible for an Insuling Pump. I got a call from a company saying that I was in fact a Juvinile Diabetic Type1 and was shipping an Insuling Pump to me! I was diagnoised with Ty[e1 diabetes mellitus in January of 1964. I had my 1st child at age 16 years old on 10/14/1963!
I have been seriously ill since 01/14/2008 and have not been able to be hungry or want to eat for the 1st time in my life. After being tested for many things from gall bladder to liver problems and having h-pilori, they found I had a 4 1/2cm palip in my colon! The surgeon did remove the pallip through colon disection on 04/28/2008. I did not recover from the somach being ill and not wanting to eat and my Do Dr Way did test me for gastroparisis and bingo I did have this aliement! So now all this is news to me, the insuling pump I am getting and how to deal with the disease of Parastoltic nueropathy? Does the insuling pump alleviate any of this disease?
Mary Lynn Burke-Anderson, just married after 32 years alone, for 8 weeks on 07/19/2008!

If your doctor has suggested an insulin pump, it’s because he/she believes that you’re not under the control you want with multiple daily injections. An insulin pump is going to help you get your blood sugars regulated so that future complications don’t develop and current complications might be alleviated, but no one can promise you a miracle turnaround, unfortunately. The important thing is that you’re taking the next step to try to gain control over your insulin intake and absorption so that your blood sugar average (A1C) is in a healthier range. Good for you! The pump is great. Don’t be scared. I’ve worn one for over eight years.

Also, the pump company probably isn’t responsible for your diagnosis as a Type 1 diabetic. I don’t believe that’s legal. I’m not sure why your doctor would tell you that you weren’t type 1 if you had been diagnosed with it so many years ago. If you agreed to going on pump therapy, it’s possible that your doctor set the wheels in motion to get you an insulin pump and the company was following up with that.

What I recommend is that you have a friend/family member/spouse accompany you to your next few visits so that someone else is there to hear the doctor’s suggestions. Or you could write down what the doctor tells you and ask if you are understanding them right. I do both of those things - and I’m a highly independent 28 year old. I carry a little notebook in and repeat things back to the doctor or to the educator to make sure I leave understanding what has happened. And I use that notebook to write down questions I have for my next visit. It can be overwhelming - especially when you’re dealing with so many ailments - to receive instructions or to interpret comments like “not a normal Juvenile Diabetic.”

I really hope you get some relief from the health problems you’re facing, Mary Lynn. You’ve lived a long life with diabetes and deserve a chance at control and good health. We support you here.

im sorry i dont have any advice with your diabetes =[ but i do have a question; gastorpersis is when your stomache stops working right? if you could answer me, it would be fabulous. cause i am pretty sure thats what my friend had and i cannot find any substantial information on the interenet and i was wondering if you could maybe explain it a little better.

thank you, and good luck =]